Pre-Primary Phase

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”


Pre-Primary Phase

“Most of what I really need to know about life and how to live, and what to do, and how to be, I learned in pre-school”

Robert Fulgham

Pre-Primary Phase

“At the end of the day your feet should be dirty, your hair messy, and your eyes sparkling.”


Academic Approach

At Lilyfontein Pre-Primary our learners are free to experience learning through play and discovery. We provide a stimulating environment where each child is encouraged to discover the joy and skills of learning.

We recognise the need to nurture a positive self-esteem and to develop the “whole child” with his/her unique cognitive abilities: social, emotional, physical, creative, aesthetic and spiritual needs. The children take part in a huge variety of activities, such as building tents, adventure orientated movement activities, creating fantasy worlds and caring for the environment, as well as having plenty of opportunity for free exploration of the natural world around them. Our early childhood educators are passionate about learning through play. Each one provides a stimulating learning environment where children are able to grow and express themselves freely.

The annual Pre-Primary concert provides a wonderful opportunity for our learners to express themselves through movement, dance and music.

With the support of parents, we strive to enable each child to respect the needs, beliefs and cultures of other people; to explore and appreciate the wonders of the environment and to respond to the challenges of life with confidence.


Our Gr R learners attend a computer class, a music ring and an adventure-based movement activity once a week.

Once a term, learners attend an Adventure Day presented by the Lilyfontein Adventure team. Here the learners are introduced to the spirit of adventure and learn age appropriate adventure-based activities such as navigation, exploring, building and team work.

Service providers for the following: Ballet/dance, Crazy Clay, Cycle buddies, Playball, Experibuddies, Swimming and Culinary Kids are available as optional extras to our learners and take place on the school grounds after school.

Special days are celebrated throughout the year such as Valentine’s Celebration, Mother’s Day tea, Dads in the classroom, Easter picnic, Water-fun day, Fun Sports days, Pyjama Day, Show-and-tell and more.

SCHool Routine

The Pre-Primary day begins at 07:30. Learners arrive from 07:10 and have free play until 08:00. We encourage parents/guardians to ensure that the learners are at school on time so as not to disrupt the daily routine.

The day is made up with discussions, daily news and weather, creative arts, outdoor free play, gardening, guided activities and story times. 

School ends at 12:00 each day. Children that are not enrolled into the aftercare or extra-curricular programme must be collected on time.


At Lilyfontein School, we value an open and co-operative relationship between parents and staff. It is therefore important to ensure that the school has your correct contact details.

We are an eco-friendly school and prefer to use as little paper as possible; we therefore use the D6 as a vital communication portal which must be checked regularly for any updates and important letters to parents. Alerts inform parents of more urgent information.  The weekly newsletter gives parents a picture of the “whole school” activities.

Follow the steps below to install the D6 School Communicator:
Go to


After Care is available for children who need to stay on the premises in the afternoon. 

More details are available on application.

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