High School

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

Malcolm X

High School

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”

Helen Keller 

High School

“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela

Academic Approach

At Lilyfontein the emphasis is on developing the whole child and preparing learners to become rightful citizens of the country. Lilyfontein School provides Grade 9 learners in the GET-Phase with the opportunity to complete aptitude tests to provide the learner with additional support in making his or her subject choices for Grade 10. This service is offered free of charge. A qualified Psychometrist administers the tests and provides feedback during the Subject Choice week. The academic programme of the FET-Phase focusses on future career choices that best suit each learner; therefore, the subject choice for Grade 10 include subjects that will allow for further study in sciences, commerce and vocational areas such as the Hospitality industry.  Balanced with a strong, competitive sporting programme, a unique Adventure-based programme and the cultural activities offered by the school, learners are not only able to discover their talents in the various fields, but also able to achieve all round success. Grade 10-12 learners do the following subjects:

Compulsory subjects: English HL, Afrikaans or Xhosa FAL, Life Orientation, Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy.

Electives – Select one subject from each of the groups:

(Group 1) Physical Science, Geography or Business Studies
(Group 2) Life Sciences, Computer Applications Technology or Hospitality Studies
(Group 3) Accounting, Engineering Graphics & Design or Tourism



The extra-mural programme runs from 14:30 to 16:00 daily. Learners are required to participate in a one summer and one winter sport and be part of a physical activity for a minimum of two days per week. The school motto, “Your Adventure starts here” is indicative of Lilyfontein’s aim to provide learners a unique opportunity in education.

Each grade participates in a week-long camp and 2 adventure days per year, where challenging activities are set and completed.  Giving learners the opportunity to take learning beyond the classroom, equips them with vital skills for the future such as the ability to overcome fears, perseverance, communication, problem solving, teamwork and many more.  Adventure sport and adventure pursuits, combined with sport (tennis, hockey, rugby, soccer, swimming, paddling, MTB cycling, drum majorettes and netball) epitomises the school’s encouragement of a healthy lifestyle amongst the learners.

Interact teaches learners about service above self, whilst other clubs and societies (debating, art, music, SCA and first aid) enable further growth and development. The school ethos includes a green lifestyle and much focus is placed on recycling and environmental care. Furthermore, learners from Grade 8-12 get the opportunity to serve on various committees, such as the RCL, Senior Leaders Council, media committee, eco-committee, academic committee, cultural committee, pastoral committee and sport committee.

School Routine

The High School day starts at 07:30 with all the learners assembled for lines to greet, share birthdays and share sporting/cultural results and events from staff.  Learners then attend a 10 minute register period which takes place in each classroom followed by the academic programme for the day.  Tuesday mornings, before school, all learners who participate in the Otter Challenge meet at the school dam at 6:00.  Any learner that arrives late must report to the front office before attending class.

We have two breaks during the day and classes finish at 14:00 each day. The extra-mural programme runs from 14:30 daily (finish time is dependent on the extra mural).


At Lilyfontein an open and co-operative relationship between parents and staff is encouraged. It thus is imperative that the school has up to date and correct contact details. As an eco-friendly school the preferred method of communication is the D6-communicator which is used for all notices regarding information pertaining to each phase or any other sector within the school. Alerts inform parents of more urgent information.

If learners are absent or parents require a meeting with a teacher, parents are requested to please e-mail the front office and CC in the relevant teacher.  Communication from school regarding concerns over learners are done through e-mail or a telephone call directly to the parent.

Follow the steps below to install the D6 School Communicator:
Go to www.school-communicator.com/download.php


Our High School learners do not require after care facilities. Learners who do not have an extra mural activity but need to remain on campus are encouraged to take advantage of the following opportunities:

HOMEWORK CLASSROOM (with a teacher on duty)

LIBRARY STUDY (a great place for revision)

ACADEMIC SUBJECT SUPPORT (for example, our Maths Department offers these at no charge. Find out more from your class teacher).

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