About Lilyfontein

“If you want to touch the past, touch a rock. If you want to touch the present, touch a flower. If you want to touch the future, touch a life”.

Author unknown

Welcome from the Principal

Lilyfontein School is a family community with pride in our school. We delight in excellence and we strive to develop young people who are self-confident, happy and marketable within the changing society that is South Africa.

We do this through sound academic education, which is augmented by the peaceful country setting, the emphasis on outdoor adventure and leadership, a Christian ethos with religious tolerance, a broad range of cultural and sporting activities, and positive pupil involvement.

 The school distinguishes itself from other local schools through its unique adventure leadership and environmental programmes which are incorporated into our everyday curriculum. These programmes are the foundations for the further physical and emotional development of our learners. 

Lilyfontein is located 20km outside of East London in what is traditionally known as ‘tomato country’.  Here the learners are blessed with a beautiful campus that spans 35-hectares and splendid vistas onto our neighboring farms. 

 Pre-Primary, Foundation Phase, Intermediate Phase and the High School, are a one stop education facility rooted in farming country!

Introducing Lilyfontein

Lilyfontein School is a Public Combined School comprising of a

  • Pre-Primary (G0 – R)
  • Foundation Phase (G1 – 3)
  • Intermediate Phase (G4 – 6)
  • Senior Phase (G7 – 9)
  • FET Band (G10 – 12).

 Lilyfontein has capacity for 732 learners in small classes and classrooms which are predominantly modern and comfortable.

The setting and layout of our school support our ethos of teaching and learning through which children of all ages are afforded the opportunity to develop durable skills which will serve them well as they enter the workplace.

Mr Nic Els
Lilyfontein School

Our Vision:

Being a family community, having pride in our school and delighting in excellence, we strive to develop young people who are self-confident, happy and marketable within the changing society that is South Africa.


Our Mission Statement:

To be a school where our natural environment is utilised to provide quality education based on sound Christian principles in order to contribute positively towards a changing society as pupils are prepared for life and leadership.

Our Core Values:

Fairness, Integrity, Respect, Excellence and Service.

These values underpin our Principles:

  • To ensure a caring and respectful environment at school.
  • To operate within a value system to create an infrastructure that is conducive to good learning experiences where the positive self-image of learners and educators is paramount. These values are Christian based values like honesty, integrity, hard work, self-respect, respect for fellow people and recognition of others’ belief systems.
  • To ensure a safe learning environment through upholding the values of self-discipline, respect for property and personal possessions and recognition and acknowledgment of our school rules and regulations.
  • To develop a healthy attitude to life through providing a balanced programme where sport and adventure-based activities enable a healthy lifestyle.
  • The nature and rigours of our Outdoor and Adventure-based curriculum demand a high level of self-discipline, mental and physical fitness. Consequently, we regard these as fundamental values.
  • To expose our learners to a variety of cultural activities that will enrich their lives.
  • To maintain a strong pastoral opportunity for our learners through leadership training and community projects.
  • To encourage a positive and constructive ethos amongst all staff members.

Our Norms:

In order that the core principles and supporting values are lived out in the school context, we have a few fundamental behavioural norms. These norms ensure that learning happens in an educationally sound and safe environment for all people on the Lilyfontein campus and are based on the following policies:

  • A Constitution
  • A Code of Conduct
  • Disciplinary Code
  • School Rules
  • Hostel Rules and Regulations
  • Disciplinary Procedures
  • Code of Participation of students
  • Parental involvement


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Contact Us

Location: Farm 564, Brakfontein, East London 5259

Telephone: +27 (0)43 737 4258


School Hours: Mon-Thurs: 8am - 4pm | Fri: 8am - 3pm

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