2014 Dr G makes handprint on founders day wall
2020 National Teaching Awards – Professor Kader Asmal Excellence Award National Winner is Dr Ian William Galbraith.

Lilyfontein School would like to recognise the achievement of Dr Ian William Galbraith, who was the schools Principal from 2002-2016.  Dr G, as he is fondly remembered by his colleagues, staff and learners of Lilyfontein School, was awarded First Place Winner of the Kader Asmal Excellence Award for his contribution to education and to society broadly.  The Kader Asmal awards are in their twentieth year of implementation.

The inception of the Kader Asmal Excellence Award enables the Minister to honour an outstanding educator embodying some of the core values that Professor Asmal stood for and at the same time honour Professor Asmal for his contribution to the development of education in this country. The Minister of Basic Education sends to all Members of the Executive Council (MEC) an invitation to submit names of outstanding educationists who fit the profile for the Minister’s consideration.

The Kader Asmal Excellence Award seeks to recognise educators who, in their work, demonstrate the key values that were a hallmark of Prof Asmal‘s leadership:

  • A demanding educational activist who leads by example;
  • An educator with a conscience and a feel for social justice;
  • Takes/has taken a stand for an issue (popular or unpopular) on grounds of conscientiousness;
  • Intellectual tenacity and rigour; and
  • Creative and inspired visible delivery.

Lilyfontein School is so proud of Dr Galbraith winning this award.  Dr G went into teaching hoping to make learning a valued experience for youngsters.  He loves seeing or hearing people grow and develop, intellectually, physically, in relationships, emotionally towards becoming self-fulfilled people.  He is inspired by creative people with initiative and enjoys providing discussion sessions with learners or teachers.

Congratulations from Lilyfontein School, your old school.

2014 Founders Day – handing over of thesis