Lilyfontein Newsletter 1.07 22 February 2019

22 February 2019

Dear Parents
We had a wonderfully successful interhouse athletics day on Thursday.  Thank you to all the parents for supporting, the teachers that assisted and a special thank you to the Sports Department for all your hard work and effort.  Orange and Navy houses you did very well, the spirit and cheerleading was excellent!  Please take note of the following.

Today we had our formal farewell assembly for Mr A.  A lovely tribute to the Angelbeck family.  Thanks Mr Angelbeck for everything you have done for Lilyfontein School. We will miss you very much.

SPORT: Inter-house Athletics Day Grade 4-12
Congratulations to all our learners who participated in the Inter-house Athletics Day at school yesterday. Well done to Orange House on winning the day! Thank you to all our educators and parents who assisted us.

COACH: Hockey Job Vacancy High School
Lilyfontein School is looking for a dynamic and enthusiastic Hockey Coach for the High School girls. Practice sessions are twice a week and one match day. Relevant coaching and umpiring experience required. A PDP would be an advantage. Please email CV to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Deadline 22 February
We have received notice from the Department of Education for Concession Applications. All applications have to be submitted to the Department by Thursday, 28th February. The Department has stipulated that applications are made by the school and not by parents of learners. All applications need to be accompanied by a psychological report by an Educational Psychologist not older than 2 years. It is the responsibility of the parents to submit this report to the school, no later than 22nd February. Please note that successful applications cover a learner per phase. Learners therefore need to reapply in Grade 4, Grade 7, Grade 10 and Grade 12.

OPEN DAY: Thursday 28 February

Please inform your friends and family.  RSVP to reception.


REQUEST: Unallocated payments
The Finance Department has unallocated payments due to incorrect or incomplete references. Please could all parents check their school fees statements to verify that all payments made are reflected on the statements. If payments are missing please forward proof of payment to the finance office as soon as possible. Thank you.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

SURVEY: T.shirt Feedback
Please can you click on the link provided and take part in our survey so we can continue to strive to deliver an exceptional experience.  Thank you for your time: SURVEY

MY SCHOOL CARDS: Forms and cards
The PTA has started capturing the data for the my school cards.  These will be delivered to your postal address. Thank you to the parents that have completed the forms.  Once you have received your card please swipe away at the following stores:  CLICK HERE

The PTA has created a wonderful database resource of our parents skills. The PTA will be call on you from time to time to assist with projects that require your valuable skills. Thank you so much to those that have volunteered already, together we are great!

If you would like to complete a form for MY SCHOOL or SKILLS DATABASE please ask for one at Reception.

LETTER TO PARENTS: Foundation Phase Athletics Day
Please click on the link to find out more about athletics day.

Mondays to Thursdays 7.30 – 8.00am

Message from our Maths Department No. 2
Each week the maths department would like to share helpful hints, tips and resources to the Lilyfontein family to encourage learners and parents with math. This week "learning is meant to feel hard ... otherwise you are probably not learning." Take a look at the Learning Pit to help you understand.

Support our adventure department and get fit on the 7 March, from 5-8pm, R50 each, prizes for best dressed and bring your towel, water bottle and loads of energy.

ECO TIP: Days to recycle 
Become an ECO activist and recycle with us at Lilyfontein.  Please remember to wash all items as our learners handle the waste.
Tuesday: Foundation Phase
Wednesday: High School & Pre Primary
Thursday: Intermediate Phase

THANK YOU: Music Cake Sale
Thank you to all the parents that worked and brought treats for the Music Cake Sale.  

Thank you to everyone who supported the Interact by purchasing hearts and biscuits. We raised R7000 for Canaan Care Centre - Daycare and residential for children with disability in the Eastern Cape.  For more information please visit their website:

SPORT: Grens Festival Fixtures 1-2 March
Please click on the link for the Hockey, Netball and Rugby Fixtures.

1st Lilyfontein vs Mdantsane Hub
Mdantsane 107/4 in 20 over. Logan McQuirk 2/19 in 4 overs.
Lilyfontein 108/1 in 14 overs. Logan McQuirk 65 not out.
Lilyfontein won by 9 wickets.

U15 Lilyfontein vs Baysville
Baysville 71 all out.
Lilyfontein 72/2. Chad Henderson 35 not out.
Lilyfontein won by 8 wickets.

U13 Lilyfontein Girls vs Beaconhurst
Lilyfontein 69/1. Liyahluma Simelani 25.
Beaconhurst 43/3.
Lilyfontein won by 26 runs.

U13A Lilyfontein vs George Randell
Lilyfontein 180/4. Chad henderson 106 not out, Jeddyn Lennox 41.
George Randell 100/6.
Lilyfontein won by 80 runs.

U13 A Lilyfontein vs Mdantsane Hub
Mdantsane 112/10. Aidon Tidbury 5/28.
Lilyfontein 113/9.
Lilyfontein won by 1 wicket.

U13B Lilyfontein vs Stirling C
Stirling 103/7. Tyler Forrest 3/19.
Lilyfontein 94/7. Qhawe Bhiyana 33 not out.
Lilyfontein lost by 9 runs.

U10 Lilyfontein vs U11 Laerskool Nahoon
Laerskool Nahoon 53/5. Jack Bosazza 2/3.
Lilyfontein 38/5.
Lilyfontein lost by 15 runs.

U10 Lilyfontein vs George Randall
Lilyfontein 52/4. Corbin Tidbury 22.
George Randall 53/4.
Lilyfontein lost by 6 wickets.

U10 Lilyfontein vs Beaconhurst
Lilyfontein 84/2. Corbin Tidbury 40.
Beaconhurst 68/2.
Lilyfontein won by 16 runs.

U9 Lilyfontein vs Grens
Grens 52. Conor Smit 3/15.
Lilyfontein 53/5. Connor Smit 7*
Lilyfontein won by 5 wickets.

SPORT RESULTS: U11 Cricket Festival hosted by Crewe
U10 Lilyfontein vs Laerskool Nahoon
Nahoon 53/5. Jack Bosazza 2/3.
Lilyfontein 38/5.
Lilyfontein lost by 15 runs.

U10A Lilyfontein vs George Randell
Lilyfontein 52/4. Corbin Tidbury 22.
George Randell 53/4.
Lilyfontein by 6 wickets.

U10A Lilyfontein vs Beaconhurst
Lilyfontein 84/2. Corbin Tidbury 40.
Beaconhurst 68/2.
Lilyfontein won by 16 runs.

SPORT RESULTS: Athletics BCM Championships
Congratulations to the following learners:
Megan Emslie
1st - 100m
1st - 200m

Nastasja Bremer
2nd - High Jump

Kieryn Fourie
5th - Javelin

Hope Mnisi
1st - Shot Put

Anya Nash
4th - 1500m
Default - Triple Jump

Sibulele Kentane
2nd - Long Jump

Bulelwa Kubheka
3rd - High Jump

Josie Price
4th - 1500m

U15 Lilyfontein Boys vs Grens
Lilyfontein won 5-1.

C League Primary
Lilyfontein vs George Randall
Lilyfontein won 5-1.

D League Primary
Lilyfontein vs Grens
Lilyfontein lost 4-2.

SPORT RESULTS: Equestrian - High School
Notable mentions are:

  • Michaela Martin & Kirsten Nash - both receiving in the 60’s for their elementary dressage tests.
  • Kirsten Nash - competing and winning her 80cm equitation, and 90cm Welcome stakes class.
  • Rachel Keen - competing and winning her level 2 equitation, and level 1 working riding.
  • Anya Nash - winning the 80cm Welcome stakes level 3 event.
  • Bridget Venebels - winning her Stadium eventing level 5, In hand utility level 3, Handy Hunter level 3, 70cm welcome stakes, 70cm A2, Working Hunter level 3, and Performance Riding level 7 on multiples horses.

SPORT RESULTS: Equestrian - Primary School
Notable mentions are:

  • Keira Davies - participating in the pony rider 90cm equitation, 1m Welcome stakes, and the 2 Phase and Accumulator 1,1m, and the 90cm Working Hunter classes, highly successfully, and despite being the only participant in these SANESA classes, very deserving of her first places in all of these high level events.
  • Kel-c Mclellan - winning two pony rider 70cm level 3 jumping events, and her pony rider level 3 handy hunter class.
  • Abby Partovi - winning her level 2 60cm equitation.

SPORT RESULTS: Equestrian - BEC Summer Show
Congratulations to the following riders who competed in numerous events at the BEC Summer Show, and the first qualifier for SANESA.
- Anya Nash (grade 11)
- Anagret Swart (grade 11)
- Michaela Martin (grade 11)
- Kirsten Nash (grade 10)
- Rachel Keen (grade 9)
- Bridget Venables (grade 8)
- Keira Davies (grade 7)
- Kara Freitag (grade 6)
- Alex Viljoen (grade 6)
- Kel-c Mclellan(grade 6)
- Abby Partovi (grade 3)
All our riders did exceptionally well and we look forward to a very successful equestrian year for Lilyfontein.

Merrifield Mile
Congratulations on the following learners who participated in the Merrifield Mile this past Sunday.
- Kayla Jacobs
- Luke Woods
- Stephanie Parker
- Georgia Goosen
- Julia Wood
Special mention is made of Kayla Jacobs who swam the mile in 35:20 we are so proud of you!

Aquanova Guppy Gala
U8 Girls
- Emily Reed 2nd Backstroke, 1st Breaststroke, 2nd Freestyle.
- Lea Pederson-Horn 3rd Breaststroke.

U10 Girls
- Sadi Steyn 1st Backstroke 3rd Breaststroke, 2nd Freestyle.
- Julia Saayman 2nd Breaststroke.


Yours faithfully

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Athletics day was a hit.  The team spirit and performance was excellent.  Well done Lilyfontein NAVY vs ORANGE 
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  • 1st & U/15 Cricket vs King(TBC)
  • Primary School Cricket vs Gonubie(TBC)
  • 1st & U/15 Cricket vs King(TBC)
  • U/13A Cricket vs Selborne (A)
  • U/13 Girls Cricket vs Berlin Primary(A)
  • B-League Swimming Country District Trials(TBC)
  • Grade 10 Adventure Day
  • Senior Girls Tennis League vs Stutterheim (A)
  • HS Girls Tennis vs Stutt(H)
  • U/10A Cricket vs Selborne B(H)
  • U/11A Cricket vs Cambridge(A)
  • Foundation Phase Athletics Day
  • Open Day
  • U/13B-Boys Cricket vs St Johns Road(H)
  • VW/MBSA Field Tour for Acc/EGD
  • Primary Boys Tennis C-League BYE
  • Grade 12 Cake Sale
  • Junior Leaders Camp @ Cefani 
  • Primary Boys Tennis D-League vs Stirling(H)
  • U/9 Cricket vs Kidd's Beach(H)
  • Grens Festival - U13,U15,1st Rugby/1st Hockey/1st Netball at Grens
  • Gr 11 Golf Day
  • U/13 Girls Cricket vs Cambridge(H)
  • B-League Swimming Gala at Beaconhurst
  • HS Control Test Series End
  • Senior Girls Tennis League vs Stirling 2 (A)
  • Inter school Athletics(H)
  • HS Girls Tennis vs Stirling 2
  • Aerobathon 5-8pm
  • Cricket Cake Sale
  • Solitude
  • Primary Boys Tennis C-League vs Stirling(A)
  • Primary Boys Tennis D-League vs Nahoon(A)
  • Solitude
  • Cancer Relay
  • Border Schools Day - 1st Rugby vs Chief Bokklein @ Dale College

FP = Foundation Phase

IP = Intermediate Phase
HS = High School

Sport Results

  • SPORT RESULTS: 18 April 2018
  • SPORT RESULTS: 05 April 2019
  • SPORT RESULTS: 15 March 2019
  • SPORT RESULTS: 8 March 2019

U13A vs George Randell U13A won 06 – 02
U13A Boys vs Kidd’s Beach won 05 – 02 

U13B vs Gonubie B drew 00 – 00

HOCKEY -  U10 Girls Festival hosted by Clarendon Primary
vs Clarendon B Won 06 - 00
vs Crewe B Won 07 - 01
vs AW Barnes B Won 08 - 00

HOCKEY -  Vs Cambridge High School
1st vs 3rd Lost 00 - 06
1st vs 1st Lost 00 - 02
2nd vs 3rd Lost 01 - 02

U16A vs U16B Won 02 - 00

RUGBY - Vs Cambridge Primary School
U13 drew 07 – 07 
U11 lost 21 – 26

RUGBY - Vs Cambridge High School
1st vs 2nd won 48 – 21 
U15 vs U14A lost 05 – 35

NETBALL - Vs Cambridge High
1st vs 2nd lost 16 - 25
2nd vs 3rd lost 03 - 10 
U15A vs U15A won 14 - 07 
U14A vs U14A lost 00 - 23

Aiden Young, Grade 11V, took part in the Pacers 10km Road Race, on Saturday, 13th April, and came in placed 2nd Junior in a time of 40min 35sec.

Buffalo City Table Tennis Trials The following learners have been selected to represent the Buffalo City Squad:
- Ella Burger U13
- Janica Labuschagne U15
- Caitlyn Krull U15
- Marius Potgieter U13
- Tiaan Potgieter U15

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SPORT ALERT: Gum Guards Rugby/Hockey 
Please note that the wearing of gumguards is compulsory for all rugby and hockey players. Players without a gumguard will not be allowed onto the field of play.

SPORT APPRECIATION:  Southern Cape Tour - George 
A massive thank you to all the Lilyfontein coaches, parents and sponsors that contributed to the success of the recent Southern Cape Sports Tournament from 17-22 March in George. We as the Sports Department, acknowledge the commitment from coaches and parents and are truly grateful. We also are very appreciative of the generous sponsorship from local businesses and parents. Your continued support is appreciated.


Missing from photograph Johanna Lloyd

Lilyfontein vs Driehoek 0 - 0 (drew)
Lilyfontein vs Die Anker 0 - 0 (drew)
Lilyfontein vs Bothaville 1 - 0 (won)
Lilyfontein vs Pioneer 0 - 1 (lost)
Lilyfontein vs Camps Bay 2 - 0 (won)
Lilyfontein vs Parklands 6 - 0 (won)
Top goal scorer Melissa Hayward with a total of 8 goals. Congratulations to our girls hockey on these excellent results, they played like
The girls played 8 games against some very tough opposition. They won 1 out of the 8 games.
Valuable lessons and fitness was gained.
Lilyfontein vs Brandwag (Benoni) 10 - 31 (lost)
Lilyfontein vs Bothaville (North West) 19 - 32 (lost)
Lilyfontein vs Stella (Stellenbosch) 29 - 14 (won)

SPORT: Letter to Parents PS Rugby Derby Fixtures 2019

SPORT: Letter to Parents HS Rugby Derby Fixtures 2019

SPORTFixtures Vodacom Clarendon park U11 Rugby Festival 4-6 April

SPORT: Fixtures Port Rex T.H.S vs Lilyfontein & Beaconhurst 6 April

SPORT: Fixtures for Andre Vos Festival U13 Rugby 6 April

Read More

SPORT RESOURCE:  Southern Cape Tour - George Sports Fixtures 
Please find attached the fixtures for the Rugby, Netball and Hockey games to be played in George. Please note that the times have been issued by the event organizers and are subject to change at their discretion. 

SPORT NEWS: Alert Gum Guards Rugby/Hockey 

Please note that the wearing of gumguards is compulsory for all rugby and hockey players. Players without a gumguard will not be allowed onto the field of play.

SPORT NEWS: Hockey Border Trials 

Congratulations to the following girls who made it through to the second round of the Border Hockey Trials
U18 Girls
1. Mellisa Hayward
2. Jaydee Nicholson
3. Joanna Llyod
4. Anya Nash 
5. Jessica Rutherford
6.Chelsea Kowoski
7. Lindokhule Faku
U16 Girls
1. Kirsten Nash
2. Bulelwa Kubheka
3. Stephanie Parker

SPORT NEWS: Bass Angling 
Congratulations to Nathan Lentz who has qualified in the Eastern Division fish-offs held between Southern Cape, Eastern Province and Border to represent the Eastern Division Junior Bass Angling Team for a 4th consecutive season. Nathan was part of the team which made history by taking top honours at the 2017 championship and then amazingly repeating this feat on the Vaal River Championship in 2018. This was truly a remarkable achievement in Eastern Division Bass Angling history. The team will compete in the South African Junior National Championships to be held on Witbank Dam in Mpumalanga from 28 to 31 March 2019.The team will travel home on 1 April. All the best for the tournament.

Horse of the Year 2019 
Kara Freitag competed in the Horse of the Year 2019 show held in Kyalami in March. This phenomenal young rider earned the following top accolades:
- 1st part bred welsh show riding - Champion part bred welsh show riding
- 1st part bred welsh show hunter - Champion part bred welsh show hunter - Supreme ridden welsh show pony Congratulations to Kara on a superb performance.

Rugby Border Schools Day
Lilyfontein 1st vs Mthatha High lost 10 – 17
U13A Rugby vs Cambridge lost 14 - 17

Well done to the swimmers who took part in this Gala on Monday, 11 of March
Boys U13
- Jordyn Marr
2nd Boys Open 4x50m Individual Medley
2nd 50m Breaststroke 3rd 50m Butterfly
Boys U11 
- Daniel Naude
4th 50m Freestyle
3rd 50m Butterfly
- Keegan Marr
1st 50m Breaststroke
2nd 50m Backstroke
2nd 50m Butterfly
Final Points 
1st Albany District 373 points 
2nd Amathole District 358 points
3rd Karoo District 223 points

Country District Swimming Results BOYS 
Country Districts Swimming Results GIRLS  

Aiden Young (Grade 11) ran the Buffs Half Marathon, 21km on 10 March 2019 and was placed 2nd junior in a time of 1.31.32.

Congratulations to the Lilyfontein Majorettes took part in the Finals of the PNA Ultimate Performer Competition. The athletes took to the stage in true majorette form. The Lilyfontein Majorettes walked away with the following titles:
- Over all Junior Ultimate Performer
- Petit & Junior Ultimate Performer
- Ultimate Petit & Junior Large Group
- Overall Petit & Junior Group - Ultimate Junior Dancer
This came with R10 000 cash prize as well as other prizes. We are super proud of our team on their excellent performance. Well done to the long hours of training and the dedication.

Congratulations to all the Lilyfontein families for supporting and participating in the KOMGA Cabbage Patch, special mention to the following athletes that achieved podium finishes.
Cabbage Patch Results 20km MTB race: 
- 1st Alastair Connet Male 56:41.366 (Grade 12)
- 2nd EJ Mollentze Male 1:00:01.878 (Grade 9)
Cabbage Patch Results 15km RUN race: 
- 2nd Kirsten Nash Female 1:22:49.576 (Grade 10)
- 3rd Anya Nash Female 1:23:11.472 (Grade 11)
- 4th Florence Jackson Female 1:27:43.225 (Educator)

Eastern Cape Athletics Championships
A massive congratulations to Megan Emslie in grade 8, on winning a silver medal for finishing second in the girls’ U14 100m, in a personal best time of 12:91, at the Eastern Cape Athletics Championships which was held in Nelson Mandela Bay over the weekend. We are extremely proud of her!

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SPORT RESULTS: Grens Festival that took place 1-2 March
Netball 1st Team 
- Vs Mzomhle lost 05 – 10
- Vs Port Rex lost 03 – 15
- Vs Cathcart lost 06 – 16
- Vs Beaconhurst won 21 – 06

Hockey 1st Team 
- Vs Grens won 09 – 00
- Vs Zastron won 02 – 00
- Vs Port Alfred won 02 – 01

Rugby 1st Team 
- Vs Beaconhurst won 14 – 12
- Vs Zastron lost 00 – 12

- Vs Grens A lost 00 – 54
- Vs Marlow B lost 00 – 28

- Vs Voorpos won 12 – 05
- Vs Childs World (Berlin) won 24 – 12
- Vs Port Alfred won 33 – 12 Cricket

13B Lilyfontein vs St Johns Road
St Johns 43 all out. Heath v/d Merwe 5/1.
Lilyfontein 40 all out.
Lilyfontein lost by 3 runs.

U9B Lilyfontein vs Stirling B
Lilyfontein 53 all out.
Stirling 54/4.
Lilyfontein lost by 6 wickets.

Congratulations to the following swimmers that qualified to be part of the Inter Regional gala that takes place at Merrifield on Monday 11 March 2019 - Lea Pederson-Horn - U/9 - Breaststroke
- Seirra Mattheys - U9 - Freestyle and Medley Relay
- Sadi Steyn - U/10 - Backstroke and Medley Relay
- Keegan Marr - U/11 - Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly, Freestyle and Medley Relays
- Daniel Naude - U/11 - Butterfly, Freestyle and Medley Relay
- Jordyn Marr - U13 - Freestyle, Butterfly, Backstroke, Medley Relay

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