Lilyfontein Newsletter 3.11 28 September

28 September 2018

Dear Parents / Guardians,

It has been a very busy term. Thank you to those of you who have been so fully involved in all the events at Lilyfontein. - we have so much to be proud of ....Well done! Have a good break before the final lap of the year! Wishing all our Lilyfontein families a fantastic holiday.  For those travelling be safe and for those relaxing enjoy the break.  Please take note of the following.

TERM 4:  School returns 9 October

  • Please note as we ended on week 1, we will start the new term on week 2.
  • Our 4th Term Planner will be sent out early next term once all fixture dates have been received. Please check the D6 Calendar for dates already received.
  • Sport/Extra Murals will begin on the FIRST day of next term, 9 October 2018.
  • Bus times from 9 October will therefore be:
    • Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays - 16:10
    • Fridays - 14:15
    • Please ensure that your child takes part in an extra mural and attends all practices and matches (please consult sports timetable and the D6 calendar).

Our High School Prize Giving will take place in our School Hall on Tuesday, 16 October 2018 at 18:30.

The Valedictory assembly will take place in our School Hall on Wednesday, 17 October 2018 at 10:30.

Letter to Parents

PTA ELECTIONS: Special Meeting 10 October

Calling all Lilyfontein mom's and dad's to attend a special meeting to elect the new PTA committee 2019.
When: 10 October
Time: 17:30-18:30
Where: Staff room
Why: Together we are stronger - PTA the hands of our school

BUDGET: Annual Budget meeting notification
Save the date 30 October 18H00 - school hall
Click here

SA Adventure Racing - Good luck to all our teams participating in the SA Adventure Champs on Saturday, 29 September. Thank you to
Mrs Mitchell and Mrs Smith for accompanying them.

ADVENTURE RACE 2018: All the photo's

please click on the links below



The Travelling bookshop will be at Lilyfontein on 11-12 October in the school hall. Please support.

DEBATING: The World Scholar's Cup

We wish the Senior team: Adon Parker, Aiden Young and Daniel du Plessis safe travels and success at The World Scholar’s Cup in
Durban during the holidays. The Junior team are also attending this round and we wish Bonolo Ramela, Liyabona Mlungwana and Yonda
Nonyathi safe travels and success.

All piano, guitar and singing lessons will start in the first week of term.

FOUNDATION PHASE:  Celebrated Heritage Day learning about Xhosa Culture

ECO:  Winners of the Rhino Rap and Poetry Competition
Congratulations to our awesome rap and poetry stars for writing such beautiful poems enjoy the read.
Foundation Phase:  Oliver Pascoe, Grade 3
Rhino rap
No more poaching 
“I woke up in the morning and this is what I saw…I saw a big fat rhino walking right through my door.  I’m feeling pretty lucky ‘cause they are very rare, but people are poaching them, everywhere.  There’s some folk in China that are buying their horns, they just don’t care that they are breaking the laws.  They put it in their medicines, they think it makes them strong, they just don’t know that killing rhinos is wrong… back to that rhino that was walking through my door, if the poachers keep up their nonsense, they won’t be there anymore!!!”


Grade 4-6:  Logan McLaren, Grade 5
The Rhino Poem
Hey Mr Rhino
How are you?
Oh no, your horn’s gone
What did they do?
They came and chopped it off with a saw
Even though poaching is against the law.
They didn’t even give me some pain pills,
They just took off with the horn
And ran for the hills
Oh, it’s a sin
To try and make medicine
They think my horn is powerful and magic
When it’s actually all very tragic
Don’t worry Mr Rhino, we’ll throw the poachers in jail
And that’s where they’ll stay until they are frail.

Grade 7:  Megan Emslie
The Rhino
The amount of rhinos poached has grown
All because of the myths about their horn.
The horn which should be displayed in its natural beauty
Has now been made into human “muti”
Why do we hunt this beautiful creature?
Because of its horn, the main feature?
Their deep brown eyes and silky lashes
But no horn, just knife slashes.
It’s sad to think they could be gone one day
Just because people are willing to pay
To buy rhino horn medicine
Keeping the demand for them.
To stop poaching, we must educate
Because it won’t be too late
Education could stop the use of
Rhino keratin.
The horn
So big
So vast
We won’t let poaching last.
We won’t let rhinos go
Because we will let the poachers know
That we
Will stand

PTA ELECTIONS: Special Meeting 10 October
Please attend the meeting to ensure we have full representation.


We still have advertising space left in our directory.  Please contact marketing if you are wanting to advertise in our publication.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Growth Mindset & Inclusion

SPORT NEWS: Summer Sport Timetables

please click on the links below

Sport: Summer Timetable High School

Sport: Summer timetable Primary School

Foundation Phase: Extra Murals Term 4

SPORT:  Photo's

Please can all parents support and purchase the sport team photo's and
EFT or pay at the Finance office accordingly. We would like to have this done as soon as possible. Your assistance in this regard would be most appreciated.


Please find the following results from the EC Showjumping and Equitation Champs, held in Grahamstown 22-24 Sept:
  • Anya Nash: 1st equitation 90cm, 1st accumulator jumping 90cm, 3rd welcome stakes jumping, and 3rd championship jumping 90cm.
  • Kirsten Nash: 2nd jumping 80cm, 2nd championship jumping 80cm, 3rd equitation 80cm.
  • Kiera Davis: 2nd overall reserve champion 90cm, 1st welcome stakes jumping 1m, and 1st A2 speed 1m
SPORT:  Well Wishes
  • Wishing our 1st Team Cricket, who will be participating in the Cambridge Festival this weekend all the best of luck and enjoy the festival.
  • Wishing our U13 Cricketers, currently playing on tour in Port Elizabeth, all the best of luck and enjoy the tournament.
SPORT NEWS: Swimming Caps
We will be phasing in the new branded Lilyfontein swimming cap. They will be available from the school shop from tomorrow at a cost of
R50 each.

SPORT NEWS: Lilyfontein is looking for an U15 Cricket Coach
Please send CV's to Mr Sofute This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

SPORT NEWS: Support our Cricketers

Our Lilyfontein U13 Cricketers are at it again. Fundraising for their overseas tour in 2019. Please support the Dads & Lads 6-a-side cricket festival on Sunday 21 October 9am-5pm. For more information contact 083 659 8899.

Yours faithfully

Intermediate Phase: Book Character Dress up Day - 25 September was a great success the learners loved showing off their characters.

#TedTalk Tuesday: This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Jennifer Nacif tells us how to shift manipulation to motivation when it comes to communicating with our children. Jennifer plays the characters of four different children, and in clever fashion, shows us how different personalities require different reactions from parents. The needs of each personality are not only relevant to the children in our lives, but to everyone we encounter, and Jennifer provides easy and actionable ways to motivate and empower those around us.

click here

The secret to motivating your child Jennifer Nacif | TEDxSanDiego

  • SA Champs Adventure Race at Helpmekaar.
  • SA Schools National Cross Country Champs - All Ages at Bloemfontein
  • U15 Cricket vs Merrifield (H)
  • U/11A Cricket vs George Randell(A)
  • U/13A Cricket vs Hudson(A)
  • U/10A Cricket vs Cambridge(H)
  • PTA Elections
  • U/13C Cricket vs Gonubie(H)  
  • The Travelling Bookshop
  • Blood Clinic
  • Awards Assembly
  • U/9A Cricket vs Cambridge(A)

  • 1st & U/15 Cricket vs Port Rex (TBC)
  • U/13 Cricket Girls vs Cambridge(A) 
  • High School Prize Giving
  • U15 Cricket vs EL Science College (H)
  • Valedictory
  • U/11A Cricket vs Cambridge(A)
  • U/13A Cricket vs George Randell(H)
  • U/10A Cricket vs Stirling(A)
  • Camp Bush Baby 1
  • U/13C Cricket vs Selborne D(H)
  • Pre-Primary Camp Out Evening
  • U/9A Cricket vs George Randell (A)
  • 1st & U/15 Cricket BYE
  • Dad's & Lads  Cricket Tournament (H)

FP = Foundation Phase
IP = Intermediate Phase
HS = High School
To advertise here please contact the school:

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Sport Results

  • SPORT RESULTS: 15 February 2019
  • SPORT RESULTS: 8 February 2019
  • SPORT RESULTS: 01 February 2019
  • SPORT RESULTS: 24 January 2018

Well done to Chad Henderson who was selected to attend the second round of Provincial Cricket Trials.

1st Lilyfontein vs Stirling
Stirling 99/8. Logan Mcquirk 3/15.
Lilyfontein 97/7. Matthew Niemand 34.
Lilyfontein lost by 1 wicket.

1st Lilyfontein vs Western Region
Lilyfontein 157 all out. Logan McQuirk 91*
Western Region 158/9. Logan McQuirk 5/29.
Lilyfontein lost by 1 wicket.

U15 Lilyfontein vs Western Region.
Lilyfontein 58 all out.
Western Region 59/1.
Lilyfontein lost by 9 wickets.

U15 Lilyfontein vs Western Region 20/20
Lilyfontein 66 all out. Aidan Tidbury 18.
Western Region 70/1.
Lilyfontein lost by 9 wickets.

U13A Lilyfontein vs Stirling B
Lilyfontein 126/5. Chad Henderson 34, Aidan Tidbury 32.
Stirling 114/5.
Lilfyontein won by 12 runs.

U13B Lilyfontein vs Selborne
Selborne 85/8.
Lilyfontein 67/8.
Lilyfontein lost by 18 runs.

U10 Lilyfontein vs Hudson
Lilyfontein 113/9. Corbin Tidbury 42, Blade Mclean 28*.
Hudson 114/1.
Lilyfontein lost by 9 wickets.

U9 Lilyfontein vs Gonubie
Lilyfontein 92/6. Corbin Tidbury 59.
Gonubie 65/5. Conor Smit 2/15.
Lilyfontein won by 27 runs.

U15 Lilyfontein vs Hudson Park
Lilyfontein won 6-2.

U13A Lilyfontein vs Queens College
Lilyfontein won 4-2.

U13B Lilyfontein vs Queens College
Lilyfontein won 4-2.

Well done to Michael Naude, Ty Fetting and Daniel Naude for winning Freestyle Relay B-League Open Boys swim at Clarendon.

Congratulations to the following children who competed in the Clarendon Primary B-League gala 11th February:

Daniel Naude, Michael Naude, Julie Saayman, Emily Reed, Lea Pederson-Horn, Yemaya, Melissa Lindstrom, Jessica Lindstrom, Mila Pascoe, Sadie Steyn, Kieryn Fourie, Sierra Mattheys.

Congratulations to the following Lilyfontein Surfers that competed in the #REEF Summer Series in January and February at Nahoon Beach Break U14 Boys Kyan Lugg 3rd place overall
U14 Girls Lily Mellin 2nd place overall
U10 Girls Crystal Kruger 2nd place overall
U8 Girls Yemaya Kruger 4th place overall

RESULTS: Debating 
Adon Parker, Daniel du Plessis and Aiden Young (A team) debated against Merrifield A on Wednesday,13 February and won their debate.
Adon Parker was Best Speaker. Sethu Jikwa and Iman Mciteka adjudicated.

Unfortunately, our B team: Yonda Nonyathi, Liyabona Mlungwana and Bonolo Ramela, lost their debate against Clarendon B’s, but they gained from the vigorous debate. WELL DONE!

SPORT: Entry Form Merrifield Mile 17 February 2019 
Calling all swimmers to enter the Merrifield Mile there is an event for all ages and swimming levels: Splash, 250 meters, 500 meters, Mile! Click on the link for the entry form.

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SPORT RESULTS: Tomato Trot & Cycle
BUCO Tomato Trot & Cycle: 8km CYCLE Results 
BUCO Tomato Trot & Cycle: 15km RUN Results 
BUCO Tomato Trot & Cycle: 55km CYCLE Results 
BUCO Tomato Trot & Cycle: 35km CYCLE Results 
BUCO Tomato Trot & Cycle: 15km CYCLE Results 

Congratulations to the following Lilyfontein learners that received podium finish at the Tomato Trot & Cycle.

15km Male Cycle 
1. Jack Hayman
2. Luke Swinney
3. Hein Weyer

15km Run Male Junior 
1. Aiden Young


15km Run Female Junior 
2. Kirsten Nash

8km Cycle Male
1. Baelien Hubert
3. Reece Connellan


8km Cycle Female 
1. Ilke King
2. Crystal Kruger
3. Chareese Harnden

U15 Cricket vs Merrifield.
Merrifield 119/8 in 20 overs.
Lilyfontein 111 all out.
Connor Timmins 28, Tiaan Potgieter 24 and Jahdiel Chitondwe 28. Lilyfontein lost by 8 runs.

U13 girls vs Mdantsane.
Lilyfontein 46/6 in 15 overs.
Mdantsane 42/2 in 15 overs. 
Lilyfontein won my 4 runs.

BCA Border Long Course Champs Swimming
Jordyn Marr
- Silver Boys U12 200m Breaststroke
- Bronze Boys U12 50m Breaststroke

Keegan Marr
- Silver Boys U11 200m Freestyle

Congratulations to the following children who competed in the Hudson Park Primary B-League gala 21 January: Daniel Naude, Michael Naude, Julie Saayman, Jamie Bauer, Emily Reed, Lea Pederson Horn, Yemaya, Melissa Lindstrom, Jessica Lindstrom, Mila Pascoe, Sadie Steyn, Keiryn Fourie, Sierra Mattheys.

SPORT: Entry Form Merrifield Mile 17 February 2019 
Calling all swimmers to enter the Merrifield Mile there is an event for all ages and swimming levels: Splash, 250 meters, 500 meters, Mile! Click on the link for the entry form.

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SPORT: Letter to Parents 
Reminder about Sport Policy. Please read attached letter regarding sport at Lilyfontein 

Congratulations to Teo Bosazza and Ej Mollentze for being selected to go to Cape Town for the National XCO MTBike competition as part of the Eastern Cape MTB team. We wish them all the best of luck. 

Teo Bosazza came first in the provincial MTB XCO this weekend achieving an awesome ride of 15 km in only 55 mins

EL City East Athletics Well done to the following Primary school Athletes who have made it through to the second round of trials:
- U10 Crystal Kruger 100m
- U12 Tariro Chinamasa 1200m
- U13 Christine Bollard-Davies 1500m
- U13 Liesel-Mari De Jager Shot Put and Shot-Put
- U13 Liyahluma Simelane Javelin
- U12 Baelien Hubert 1200m & Javelin
- U12 Erik Le Roux High Jump
- U12 Liam Driessel Long Jump
- U13 Luke Randall Javelin
- U13 Timothy Page 1500m

Primary School athletes who qualified for the 3rd round of athletics trials are:
Girls 13y;  Liesl-Mari de Jager- 1st place shot put
Girls 13y;  Liesl-Mari de jager – 1st place discus
Girls 13y;  Liyahluma Simelani – 1st place javelin
Boys 12y;  Erik le Roux – 1st place high jump

- 1st Cricket vs Hudson Park 1st Algie Cup.
Hudson Park won by 143 runs.

- U13A vs Gonubie U13A.
Gonubie won by 6 wickets.
Chad Henderson 76 and 2/16 off 4 overs.

- U11A vs Hudson park U11A
Hudson Park won by 89 runs.
Riley Law 2/21, James Reeves 27

- U10A vs Selborne U10A.
Selborne won by 4 wickets.
Corbin Tidbury 27, Jack Bosazza 2/10 off 4 overs. 

- 1st Team Cricket played against Grens at Lilyfontein.
Lilyfontein -152/8 and Grens made 91/8.
Lilyfonrtein won by 61 runs.
Well done to Nathan Summers who made 44 runs and Logan McQuirk 36.

- U19 Girls Cricket team played their first match against Hudson Park High School.
Lilyfontein won by 100 runs.
Well done to Megan Emslie who managed to score 47 runs and took 5 wickets.

- U15 Boys Cricket played against Greenpoint.
Lilyfontein made 177/7 and Greenpoint 81/6.
Lilyfontein won by 96 runs.
Well done to Tiaan Potgieter 55* and Luke Summer taking 2/15.

- U13 Boys Cricket played against Hudson Park Primary School.
Lilyfontein lost by 54 runs.
Well done to Aya mkhokeli for taking 3/20 and Chad Henderson for making 31 runs.

- U15 Boys Tennis played against Stirling and lost 0-6.
- U13 Boys Tennis played against Gonubie and won 4-2.
- U11 Boys Tennis played against Komga and unfortunately lost the match 2-4.

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RESULTS: Running
Aiden Young, Grade 11, ran the EL Eye Hospital Laser Challenge 10km on 19 January 2019, and was placed 3rd in the male junior category, in a time of 40mins16sec.

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