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Who are we?

Lilyfontein School provides an academic programme that is balanced with a strong and competitive sporting programme and enhanced with unique adventure leadership and environmental programmes which are incorporated into our everyday curriculum.

Academics:  100% matric pass rate since 2008
Adventure:   Unique adventure leadership and environmental programmes
Sport:   Competitive Sports Programme
Arts and Culture
Music, Art & Culture:  Individual and group displays and performances
Eco Schoolv2
Eco School:   Learners understand, value and protect the environment
Interact logov2
Interact:   Interact and EarlyAct encourage 'Service Before Self'












  • Academic Results
  • Foundation Phase (Gr 1-3)
  • Intermediate Phase (Gr 4-6)
  • Senior Phase (GET: Gr 7-9)
  • FET Phase (Gr 10-12)

Since 2001 Lilyfontein has also made its mark as one of the leading academic High Schools in East London. Each year, we maintain the 100% pass rate set by our 2008 Grade 12’s

Lilyfontein School is one of only 2 schools in the East London District to have achieved a 100% pass rate for this length of time.

Gandhi Dux

Each year has brought its own highlights.

  • Grant Swan achieved 7 distictions in the 2008 Matric finals
  • Maxine Diemer was the top achiever in the Border region in the 2009 finals 
  • Peter Morrissey achieved 8 distictions in 2010
  • Hilanco Jordaan achieved 6 distinctions in 2014
  • Sebastian Schultz achieved 8 distinctions in 2015
  • Courtney Crew achieved 7 distinctions and Kellan Lehy achieved 6 in 2016
  • Gandhi Jafta achieved 6 distrinctions in 2017 Read More

 The foundation phase of learning is key and at Lilyfontein we include academics, a wide variety of extra mural sports and the Adventure Programme to ensure a sound basis for growth

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The subjects taught in the Intermediate Phase are standard in all Government schools however, Lilyfontein School includes Adventure and Adventure Sport in our Life Orientation program

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Specialist High School teachers and small classes allow for individual attention and ensure academics of the highest standard

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Diligence, Determination and Drive

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Blarney Stone cottage advert June 2018

vip June 2018

The red Stork June 2018

Blue Goose June 2018

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