• SPORT NEWS: Summer Sport Timetables

    Sport: Summer Timetable High School

    Sport: Summer timetable Primary School

    Foundation Phase: Extra Murals Term 4

    1st team vs Port Rex
    Lilyfontein 200/6, Josh Swinney 73, Matthew Niemand 30
    Port Rex 53 all out, Ryan Kruger 4/12
    Lilyfontein won by 147 runs

    ​1st team vs Despatch
    Lilyfontein 130/5, Josh Swinney 46, Tyler Blom 38
    Dispatch 131/8, Matthew Niemand 3/13, Ryan Kruger 3/15
    Lilyfontein lost by 5 wickets

    Cricket Cambridge Festival
    1st team vs Sarah Baartman
    Lilyfontein 181/5, Logan McQuirk 63, Joshua Swinney 44
    Sarah Baartman 161/8, Micheal Prioleau 3/28 off 4 overs and Sid Bosman 3/24 off 4 overs,
    Lilyfontein won by 20 runs

    1st team vs Westering High School
    Lilyfontein 81/8 in 20 overs, Josh Swinny 22
    Westering 82/6, John-Georg Weschta 2/15
    Lilyfontein lost by 4 wickets

    1st team vs Queens College
    Queens 198, Tyler Blom 3/60, Michael Prioleau 5/71
    Lilyfontein 199/9, Josh Swinney 65, Logan McQuirk 66
    Lilyfontein won by 1 wicket

    ​1st team vs Pearson
    Lilyfontein 94 all out, Cooper Van Heerden 39
    Pearson 95/3
    Pearson won by 7 wickets

    U13 A vs Hudson Park
    Hudson 160/4
    Lilyfontein 116/5
    Lilyfontein lost by 44 runs

    U13 Co-ed Festival
    U13 vs St Dominics Priory
    St Dom's 177 all out. Jahdiel Chitondwe 2/24
    Lilyfontein 131 all out. Chad Henderson 29
    Lilyfontein lost by 49 runs

    U13 vs Summerwood
    Lilyfontein 88 all out. Jahdiel Chitondwe 34.
    Summerwood 89/4. Ayabonga Mkhokheli 2/18
    Lilyfontein lost by 6 wickets

    U13 vs Herbet Hurd
    Herbet Hurd 100/6. Albert Beukman 2/16. Aiden Tidbury 2/12
    Lilyfontein 101/4. Aiden Tidbury 39. Kyan Lugg 19*
    Lilyfontein won by 6 wickets

    U11 A vs George Randall
    Lilyfontein 81/6.
    George Randall 82/4.
    Lilyfontein lost by 4 wickets

    U10 A vs Cambridge
    Lilyfontein 170/3, Jeddyn Lennox 103*
    Cambridge 26 all out
    Lilyfontein won by 7 wickets

    We would like to congratulate Ryan Kruger on his selection into the Border U19 Coca Cola Khaya Majola team. He will be playing in Cape Town from 16 - 20 December.

    Well done to Aidan Tidbury and Chad Henderson who have been selected to be part of the EL U12 cricket squad. 

    U11A vs Cambridge
    Lilyfontein 46 all out. Thandaza Majola 20.
    Cambridge 47/2. Thandaza Majola 2/15.
    Lilyfontein lost by 8 wickets

    U13B vs Selborne D
    Selborne 86 all out.
    Lilyfontein 77 all out. Heath Vd Merwe 18.
    Lilyfontein lost by 9 runs.

    U13A Boys Cricket vs Selborne B
    Selborne 169 all out
    Lilyfontein 113 all out. Conor Timmins 29.
    Lilyfontein lost by 56 runs

    U13 Girls vs Cambridge
    Lilyfontein 84/9, Liyahluma Simelani 26.
    Cambridge 35/9. Lilyfontein won by 49 runs.

    T20 Coca Cola Championship vs Buffalo Flats United
    Lilyfontein 120/9, Ongi Masoka 32.
    Buffalo Flats United 86 all out, Logan McQuirk 3/21.
    Lilyfontein won by 24 runs.

    Cycling - MTB
    Amathole District MTB Marathon Championships
    - Timothy Page, 2nd in the Sprogs (Men) division. 22km 1h4min.
    - Emily Reed, 1st in the Nipper division. 11km.
    - EJ Mollentze, 2nd place in the Youth Men.
    60km Bonthoek MTB Challenge
    - EJ Mollentze, 1st place (new record). 25km

    SPORT NEWS: Support our Cricketers
    Our Lilyfontein U13 Cricketers are at it again. Fundraising for their overseas tour in 2019. Please support the fun run. For more information please contact 083 659 8899.


    U11A Cricket vs Sakhile
    Sakhile 86/9 in 20 overs. Josh Pickering 4/10 in 4 overs.
    Lilyfontein 57 all out.
    Lilyfontein lost by 29 runs.

    U13B vs Stirling D
    Lilyfontein 108/5. Jeddyn Lennox 52*, Jahdiel Chitondwe 17*.
    Stirling 63 all out. Heath Vd Merwe 4/6, Seth Wiggil 3/9 and John Kretzmann 2/13.
    Lilyfontein won by 45 runs

    U13 Girs vs Berlin Primary
    Berlin 69/8, Megan Emslie 4/10
    Lilyfontein 73/0, Megan Emslie 43*
    Lilyfontein won by 10 wickets

    U13 Boys vs Dale
    Dale 86/10, Aidon Tidbury 4/10
    Lilyfontein 87/1, Chad Henderson 47*
    Lilyfontein won by 9 wickets

    U10 Boys vs Dale
    Dale 107/6, Sebastian Walker 3/15
    Lilyfontein 107/3, Jeddyn Lennox 43*
    Lilyfontein won by 7 wickets

    Results from Thomas River event 27 October:
    - Sabro Atakligan 2nd - 47.2 KM Open
    - Kirsten Nash: 1st lady 20km cycle
    - Anya Nash: 2nd lady 20km cycle
    - Timothy Page: 10th overall in the 20km Thomas River MTB cycle and 1st Sprog (boy).
    - Jack Bosazza: 1st boy 5km cycle

    Congratulations to Sadi Steyn - who placed 1st in the girls u/9 backstroke at the Amathole Country School’s competition. 

    SPORT NEWS: Support our Cricketers
    Our Lilyfontein U13 Cricketers are at it again. Fundraising for their overseas tour in 2019. Please support the fun run 3 November at 2 Swans Wedding Farm @ 2pm. For more information please contact 072 431 7758.


    Congratulations to the following Lilyfontein representatives that participated in National events during the holidays:

    -Border Hockey U18B, placed 2nd at Nationals in Bloemfontein - Melissa Hayward, Jaydee Nicholson, Jessica Rutherford and Anya Nash.

    -Drummies came 9th at Nationals in Oudtshoorn.

    -Rubgy Tess Van Der Walt, captained the Border Academy team - Paarl. Tess was drafted up into the Craven week team, which ended the tournament top of the log and unbeaten.

    -Eastern Cape Cycling Team came 2nd at Oudtshoorn Youth Fest - Milani Manya.
    Congratulations to Chad Henderson and Ty Fetting who have been selected as part of the East London u12 rugby squad who will be attending the final Border Trials next week.


    Well done to all the kids that attended the Aquanova Star Gala on Saturday. Podium positions were as follows:
    U9 Boys 
    Oliver Pascoe - Silver Backstroke; Bronze Freestyle; Bronze Butterfly
    U10 Boys 
    Daniel Naude - Gold Freestyle; Gold Backstroke; Gold Breaststroke; Gold Butterfly
    Conor Moore - Silver Breaststroke
    U12 Boys 
    Micheal Naude - Gold Freestyle; Gold Backstroke; Gold Breaststroke; Gold Butterfly


    - Aiden Young ran in the Gonubie Coastal Challenge 21km on Saturday 17 November, and was 1st Junior in a time of 1hr31min18sec.
    - Aiden Young received received the club award for Male Junior (U21) athlete for the year 2018 at the awards ceremony for Oxford Striders Running Club.

    Swimming Country District Trials Gala 26 October 2018 
    Well done to all the Lilyfontein Swimmers
    U/8 Freestyle Girls
    - Emily Reed - 2nd place
    - Summer Gaylard - 3rd place
    - Gemma Naas - 4th place

    U/9 Freestyle Girls
    - Sadi Steyn - 4th place

    U/9 Freestyle Boys
    - Oliver Pascoe - 2nd place
    - Oliver Pascoe - 3rd place (backstroke)
    - Oliver Pascoe - 2nd place (breaststroke)

    U/10 Boys
    - Freestyle - 1st place - Daniel Naude
    - Backstroke - 2nd place - Daniel Naude
    - Breaststroke - 1st place - Daniel Naude
    - Butterfly - 1st place - Daniel Naude

    U/12 Boys
    - Backstroke - 2nd place - Michael Naude
    - Butterfly - 3rd place - Michael Naude

    2018 Buffalo City Municipality Short Course Championship Gala 
    Keegan Marr
    - Gold Boys U10 100m IM
    - Gold Boys U10 100m Freestyle
    - Silver Boys U10 50m Breaststroke
    - Silver Boys U10 100m Breaststroke
    - Silver Boys U10 100m Backstroke
    - Silver Boys U10 200m Breaststroke
    - Bronze Boys U10 200m Individual Medley

    Jordyn Marr
    - Silver Boys 11-12 Years 100m Breaststroke
    - Silver Boys 11-12 Years 200m Breaststroke
    - Bronze Boys 11-12 Years 50m Breaststroke

    U9A vs George Randall
    George Randall 80/8. Blade Maclean 2/4, Corbin Tidbury 2/15
    Lilyfontein 81/5. Corbin Tidbury 36.
    Lilyfontein won by 5 wickets.

    U13 vs Selborne U13A
    Selborne 171/1. 
    Lilyfontein 105/4. Chad Henderson 37.
    Lilyfontein lost by 66 runs.

    U10 vs Hudson U10A
    Hudson 131/3.
    Lilyfontein 49/6. Corbin Tidbury 22*.
    Lilyfontein lost 82 runs.

    U11 vs Stirling U11A
    Lilyfontein 29/all out.
    Stirling 33/1.
    Lilyfontein lost 9 wickets

  • NEWS

    Stutterheim and Lilyfontein Derby Day 28.07.2018
    Download the fixtures at this link
    Bring your pocket money and support the Stutterheim Reunion Games Day on Saturday.

    Spur MTB Challenge 2nd and 3rd Event
    Calling all Lilyfontein scholars to take up the Spur Challenge..... let's continue our winning streak. Points are earned for every cyclist that
    participates and for those that take podium places. Stand a chance to be part of the Inter-Schools Final in October 2018. So grab your bike and your buddies and join the last two qualifying races in the SPUR Challenge Series:

    • 29th July Baysville School
    • 12th August Hillview Cycle Park

    See details and register online at this link

    Emerald Vale Mountain Bike Race
    Calling all Adventure cyclists wanting to train for the #AdventureRace2018
    Sunday, 5th August 2018
    Registration from 8 - 10:15am
    5 km @ R50, 10 km @ R70, 19km @ R100 click here to enter

    Derby vs Beaconhurst

    • 1st team won 55-21
    • u15 won 35-17

    Nahoon Sports Festival

    • vs Gonubie lost 1-3
    • vs Nahoon won 5-0
    • vs Stirling B drew 2-2
    • vs Stirling A lost 1-7


    • vs Stirling A lost 1-8
    • vs Stirling B lost 2-5
    • vs Nahoon lost 3-4
    • vs Gonubie drew 3-3

    vs Central

    • u9 lost 0-27
    • u11 won 29-7
    • u13 won 22-10

    Derby vs Beaconhurst

    • 1st lost 16-28
    • 2nd won 11-7
    • u15 lost 2-16
    • u14 won 19-5

    Nahoon Sports Festival

    • vs Nahoon lost
    • vs Kingsridge lost
    • vs Southernwood lost
    • vs Voorpos lost


    • vs St Annes lost
    • vs Nahoon lost
    • vs Voorpos lost
    • vs Berlin lost

    vs Cambridge

    • 2nd vs 3rd lost 10-16
    • u15A vs u15C drew 8-8
    vs George Randell
    • 2nd lost 11-16

    Derby vs Beaconhurst

    • 2nd vs Beaconhurst 1st Drew 0 – 0


    • u13B vs Stirling lost 0-5
    • u13A vs Stirling drew 0-0
    • u11A vs Merrifield lost 0-1


    •  u10 vs Komga won 4-0

    u9 Girls Festival hosted by KHS

    • won 2 lost 2 and drew 2

    vs Cambridge

    • 1st vs 1st lost 0-2
    • 2nd vs 3rd won 5-0
    • u16 vs u16B lost 2-3
    • u14A vs u14A lost 0-2


    • u16 vs u16C drew 2-2


    • Derby vs Beaconhurst Lost 3-5
    • Lilyfontein High School mixed doubles vs Stirling lost 1-4


    • Born to run u9 Crystal Kruger 1st
    • Aiden Young - Watergat 15km trail run was 1st Junior & 5th overall 1:05:15
    • Aiden Young - Pet Pals 15km train run was 1st Junior & 3rd overall 1:08:58


    EC championship show, held at the BEC 13-15 July:

    • Anya Nash: 1st championship jumping 70cm, 2nd welcome stakes 70cm jumping, 2nd A2 70cm jumping
    • Kirsten Nash: 2nd championship novice dressage, 2nd championship jumping 80cm, 4th novice dressage


    • Congratulations to Kyan Lugg 1st U12, Ethan Jackson 3rd U16 and Sky Bozazza 2nd U16 for competing in the final Buffalo City Surf trial held at Nahoon Beach on Sunday.
  • Congratulations to Chad Henderson in Grade 6, on being selected for the U12 Border Rugby Squad.

    EAST LONDON SPUR SCHOOLS MTB Challenge official results for #2 event that took place last weekend at Baysville School will be released next week, due to an irregularity.
    Be sure to enter East London #3
    Date: 19 August 2018
    Time: 8:00 am – 16:00 pm
    Venue: Hillview Cycle Park


    Girls Hockey
    - U11 vs KHS won 3-0

    U10 Festival at Lilyfontein
    A team
    - won 2
    - lost 1
    B team
    - won 1
    - lost 2

    Girls Hockey vs Clarendon
    - U13B lost 0-7
    - U13A lost 0-6

    U10 Boys Festival hosted by Komga Junior
    - vs Berlin won 3-0
    - vs Hudson A lost 0-1
    - vs Cambridge B won 2-0
    - vs Cambridge A drew 2-2

    vs Voorpos
    - U13 lost 19-55
    - U11 won 20-0
    - U9 won 14-5

    - U13A vs Clarendon lost 18-9
    - U13B vs Clarendon won 10-2

    - U10 vs St Anne's lost 0-7
    - U9 vs President lost 0-6

    High School Mixed Doubles
    vs De Vos Malan
    - won 4-1

    - U9 Girls Crystal Kruger 2nd

    DERBY vs Stutterheim
    - 1st won 52-0
    - 2nd drew 0-0
    - U15 won 28-21
    - U13 won 26-0
    - U11 won 30-5
    - U9 lost 0-12
    - U7 lost 1-7
    - 1st won 15-14
    - U15 lost 9-22
    - U14 won 12-7
    - U13 lost 12-17
    - U12 drew 17-17
    - U11 lost 2-15
    - U10 lost 5-6
    - U9 drew 3-3
    - 1st won 3-1
    - U16B vs U16A drew 0-0
    - U13A drew 4-4
    - U13B won 5-2
    - U11 won 2-1
    - U10 won 3-2
    - U9 won 4-2
    - U13 drew 1-1
    - U10A won 4-1
    - U10B drew 1-1
    - U9 lost 2-1

    SWIMMING: Amathole District Trials
    Congratulations to the following Lilyfontein learners who participated in the Amathole District Trials and who got chosen to represent Amathole at Inyati Gala:
    - Summer gaylard
    - Gemma Miles
    - Emily Reed
    Grade 3
    - Sadi Steyn
    - Oliver Pascoe
    Grade 4
    - Daniel Naude
    Grade 6
    - Michael Naude

    SWIMMING: Aquanova Star Gala
    Congratulations to the following podium positions
    U9 Boys 
    Oliver Pascoe - Silver Backstroke; Bronze Freestyle; Bronze Butterfly
    U10 Boys 
    Daniel Naude - Gold Freestyle; Gold Backstroke; Gold Breaststroke; Gold Butterfly
    Conor Moore - Silver Breaststroke
    U12 Boys 
    Micheal Naude - Gold Freestyle; Gold Backstroke; Gold Breaststroke; Gold Butterfly


    - Aiden Young ran in the Gonubie Coastal Challenge 21km on Saturday 17 November, and was 1st Junior in a time of 1hr31min18sec.
    - Aiden Young received received the club award for Male Junior (U21) athlete for the year 2018 at the awards ceremony for Oxford Striders Running Club.

    EQUESTRIAN - Christmas Show
    Congratulations to all our learners:
    Juliet Prioleau:

    • A2 1m - 1st Place
    • A2 1.10m - 1st Place
    • 1m Championship - Champion
    • Junior Novice Working Hunter - Reserve Champion

    Kathryn Swan:

    • November junior show champion
    • Junior Reserve Working champion
    • Junior Reserve Working hunter
    • All Novice level

    Keira Davis:

    • Child 1m show jumping. 2 x first places
    • Child Open working hunter 90cm 1ST place

    Anya Nash:

    • Junior 1st novice equitation.
    • Junior 1st Cub hunter 70cm.

    Kirsten Nash:

    • 1st 2phase 80cm,
    • 2nd A2 80cm,
    • 2nd championship 80cm,
    • 2nd Junior equitation welcome,
    • 3rd Cub hunter 70cm

    Bridget Venables:

    • 1st A2 80cm,
    • 2nd Pony Rider Novice Show Hunter,
    • 1st Pleasure Pony,
    • Reserve SASA Pony Rider Champion,
    • 1st & Champion Pony Rider Novice Working Hunter,
    • 1st 80cm Championship
  • NEWS

    Congratulations to Skye Bosazza and Ethan Jackson who have been selected to represent Buffalo City Surfriders, (u16 girls and boys divisions respectively) to surf at SA Champs in October in J-Bay.

    Excellent results from the Spur Schools MTB series! Lilyfontein is sitting 2nd in the log after the #2 event. 1 more to go! Please enter the final event taking place on the 12th August at Hillview  Cycle Park.


    -u13 Boys vs St John's won 3-1

    u9 Boys Festival hosted by Lilyfontein School
    - vs Dale A lost 0-1
    - vs Dale B won 2-0
    - vs Stirling A lost 0-1
    - vs Merrifield A lost 0-1
    - vs Stirling B lost 1-5
    - vs Merrifield B Drew 1-1
    - vs Stirling C Drew 0-0

    - u9A vs KHS lost 0-7
    - u9B vs KHS lost 0-4

    Emeraldvale 19 km cycle event - held on 5 August 2018
    Kirsten Nash
    - 2nd U15 girl
    - 3rd lady overall

    Emeraldvale 10 km cycle event
    Timothy Page
    - 1st u11 boy
    - 3rd overall

    Harlequins Winter Club Gala
    Jordyn Marr
    - Silver Boys U12 50m Breastroke
    - Bronze Boys U12 100m Breastroke

    Keegan Marr
    - Gold Boys U10 100m Breastroke
    - Bronze Boys U10 50m Freestyle
    - Bronze Boys U10 50m Backstroke
    - Bronze Boys U10 100m Freestyle

    SPUR Schools MTB Series #2_High School Results
    Youth Girls A
    - Kirsten Nash: 1st
    - Holly Mellin: 2nd

    Youth Boys A
    - EJ Mollentze: 1st
    - Hein Weyer: 4th

    Youth Girls B
    - Anya Nash: 1st

    Youth Boys B
    - Sabro Atakligan: 1st
    - Dane Lemmer: 6th

    Junior Boys
    - Matthew Niemand: 4th
    - Alastair Connet: 5th

    SPUR Schools MTB Series #2_Primary School Results

    Nipper Boys
    - Jack Bosazza: 6th
    - Kevin Barnes: 7th
    - Milani Manya: 11th
    - Kyle Naude: 13th
    - Ethan Jackson: 14th
    - Conor Moore: 16th .
    - Oliver Pascoe: 18th
    - Caleb Emslie: 19th
    - Liam Squire: 21st

    Nipper Girls
    - Julia Saayman: 2nd

    Sub Nipper Boys
    - Daniel Heger: 12th
    - Jensen Jansen: 14th
    - Ryan Moore: 15th
    - Daniel Marais: 19th

    Sub Nipper Girls
    - Emily Kate Reed: 6th
    - Zinde Amalia Hasjedal Ramadrio: 8th

    Sprog Boys
    - Timothy Page: 3rd
    - Albert Beukman: 9th

    Sprog Girls
    - Emily Connet: 7th
    - Anelisiwe Langa: 8th

    Sub Junior Boys
    - Teo Bosazza: 1st

    Sub Junior Girls
    - Megan Emslie: 1st
    - Ande Langa: 5th


    Congratulations to the following riders for being chosen to represent the Eastern Cape at the South African Equitation Champs later this year: We are very proud of our riders and their horses.

    - Juliet Prioleau (Grade 12) - Junior intermediate team
    - Anya Nash (Grade 10) - Junior novice team
    - Bridget Venables (Grade 7) - Pony intermediate team
    - Keira Davis (Grade 6) - Pony open team
    - Kara Freitag (Grade 6) - Pony intermediate team

    U13A vs Gonubie
    Lilyfontein 372 all out. Chad Henderson 53, Christopher Ham 79, Jahdiel Chitondwe 58* and Megan Emslie 43.
    Gonubie 190 all out.
    Lilyfontein won by 182 runs

    U11A vs Gonubie
    Gonubie 220 all out. Josh Pickering 4/30
    Lilyfontein 26 all out.
    Lilyfontein lost by 194 runs

    U10A vs Gonubie
    Lilyfontein 143/2. Heath Vd Merwe 50*
    Gonubie 137 all out.
    Lilyfontein won by 6 runs

    U9A vs Gonubie
    Lilyfontein 105 all out. Jack Bosazza 24 & Conor Moore 20
    Gonubie 106/4.
    Lilyfontein lost by 6 wickets

    U9A vs Dale
    Lilyfontein 72/8. Blade Mclean 27
    Dale 73/7 Blade Mclean 3/11, Corbin Tidbury 2/7
    Lilyfontein lost by 3 wickets

    U13A vs Stirling
    Stirling 159/5.
    Lilyfontein 88 all out. Chad Henderson 30
    Lilyfontein lost by 70 runs

    U10A vs Hudson Park
    Lilyfontein 113/3. Jeddyn Lennox 67
    Hudson Park 114/3.
    Lilyfontein lost by 7 wickets

    U13 Girls vs Stirling
    Stirling 87/8. Megan Petzer 3/15
    Lilyfontein 88/3. Megan Emslie 44*
    Lilyfontein won by 7 wickets