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  • 11 January 2019

    Dear Parents
    This is the first newsletter of the year and it contains some very important information with regard to the start of the new academic year. Please take note of the following.


    I would like to welcome each family to Lilyfontein School this year. A special word of welcome to our new families. I trust that your association with our school will be a happy one. In particular, I wish to welcome the following staff members:
    Ms Klopper (Gr.0) 
    Ms Richter (Gr.R)
    Ms Connellan (Gr.3 – Temporary)
    Mr Van Nieting (Music) 
    Ms Botes (Pre-Primary Learnership)
    Ms Hiscock (Foundation Phase Learnership)

    School starts each day at 07:30 for all Grades R – 12 pupils.
    From next week, end of school times are as follows:
    Monday – Friday:
    Grade 0 & Grade R - 12:00
    Grade 1 – 12:00 until 18 January and 13:10 from 21 January 2019
    Grade 2 & Grade 3 – 13:20
    Grade 4 – Grade 12 - 14:10
    Children not fetched by 16:30 will be sent up to the hostel
    (See Safety and Security letter).

    FOUNDATION PHASE: Please take note of the following

    Children dropped in Foundation Phase before 7:15 are unsupervised and may NOT use any playground apparatus until the teacher is on duty after 7:15.

    Foundation Phase learners remaining at school after 14:30 must be enrolled at Julie Ekron’s Aftercare; an aftercare fee will be charged.

    Foundation Phase learners must wait in Foundation Phase area. They may not leave the Foundation Phase area to wait for lifts or to wait with older siblings.

    MATRIC RESULTS:Class of 2018
    We are very proud of our class of 2018 whose results were as follows:
    100% pass rate, 100% bachelor pass and 48 Subject Distinctions. Congratulations to them all! Particular mention must be made of John-George Weschta who received 7 Subject Distinctions; Christianne Whitward and Téo Jordaan who both received 6 Subject Distinctions each.

    PARENT MEETING 2019:Meet and Greet invitation

    ALL PARENTS are requested to join Mr Els, the Staff, School Governing Body and the PTA for the 2019 Parent Information Session.
    DATE: Monday, 14 January 2019
    TIME: 17:30 for 18:00
    PLACE: Lilyfontein School Hall
    Please click here for more information


    Mrs Wood is still off school recuperating, but will be assisting with our Grade 12 Geography 8th subject learners.

    In order for us as a learning institution to provide quality education, we would like to ensure that we manage a safe, healthy and focused context for our parents, educators and learners. We appeal to you as parents and primary educators of your children, to uphold our school’s Code of Conduct, Dress Code and Academic Expectations. In this way we can ensure a collaborative and co-operative learning experience for all our learners. Conflicting standards and levels of discipline between home and school are confusing and self-destructive. Let us ensure that we are all on the same educational page.

    At the start of this year, I appeal to all parents to involve themselves in the activities of the school. We need your help and support in all our fundraising ventures in order to maintain the high standard in our school to which our children have become accustomed and for which our school is renowned. Your involvement at school is critical to maintaining good relations and your contribution to the progress and development of our school is highly valued. There are a range of activities throughout the year in which we would like to see you involved. You will receive a list of these shortly eg. Tomato Trot – 2 February, please return reply slips to class teachers by Monday & Tuesday next week.

    Safety & Security 2019
    Please read through the letter to familiarise yourself with our Safety & Security policy.
    Safety and Security 

     Available at Reception
    Please support this campaign and initiative to improve security on our campus.  We request that all parents/guardians or drivers collecting and dropping learners off at school purchase a disc at a cost of R50. Your support is appreciated.

    Finance Office Request
    The Finance Department requests that people use the correct reference when making payments to the school as this will assist us with the correct allocation of funds. For those who have made payments i.e.annual payments please can they forward their proof of payments to the finance office This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We appreciate your support in this matter.

    Please find the following important finance related documents

    Lilyfontein: 2019 Fee Structure
    Debit orders 2019 

    Have you entered?
    Enter online: 
    Enter instore: Sportsmans Warehouse 
    Entry form: Entry Form
    Follow and like our Facebook Page:  Click here
    Please save the date and make every effort to be involved. If you are not taking part in the running or cycling, we would appreciate your help with marshalling, food and beer tents. This is the year’s major fundraiser for the school. Let’s all work together to make our school even better! Look out for the reply slip.

    BUCO Tomato Trot & Cycle: Volunteer Reply Slips

    Please click on the link and complete the volunteer slip for the BUCO Trot 2 February 2019. We request the help of each and every family member. All reply slips to be returned to class teachers by Monday 14 January.
    Together we are stronger!
    Reply Slip

    PTA FIRST MEETING OF 2019:17 January 2019

    Dear Parents the PTA will be hosting their first meeting of 2019
    DATE: Thursday 17 January
    TIME: 17:30-18:30
    VENUE: Staff Room
    WHY:Together we are stronger
    Please attend

    MESSAGE TO LILYFONTEIN FAMILY:  Keep being the change!
    Our 2018 Eco Schools Portfolio has been awarded with a Decade Green Flag Award for 2018. What an amazing 13-year Eco schools journey, we have had.  Well done to all the educators, staff and families that have contributed to this success.

    We are still awaiting fixtures dates, please check dates already received on our D6 calendar as this is continuously kept up to date.

    TUCK SHOP:Lilybites menu 2019

    Lilybites would like to welcome everyone back to school for a fantastic 2019. Please click on link below to see what we have on offer for the learners and staff. Tuck-shop accounts are available on request. Contact Amelia Steyn for more information.

    All are welcome to join the Lilyfontein Prayer Group each Friday morning at 7.30 in the Hostel.

    Any students who bring vehicles/motorbikes onto campus need to ensure that:

    • Permission and communication with the school has been done.
    • The school has your licence number and vehicle registration numbers recorded.
    • The school has a copy of your driver’s licence.
    • You have been interviewed by Mr Els.

    Please note that should your child be absent from school a letter is to be sent in to the office. Should your child be absent for 3 or more days in a row, a Doctor’s Certificate needs to be sent to school. Our computer programme automatically issues a demerit if your child’s name is entered as absent without a letter. Parents are requested to please support us in this matter. The DoE has ruled that any learner absent for 25% of the year, will not be allowed to write examinations due to the lack of class time.

    The Department of Education has requested schools to ask parents to ensure that learners apply for ID documents as an ID document is essential for registration for external examinations at the end of Grade 11 and for Grade 12.

    Please note that our school shop is open Mondays to Thursdays 7.30 – 8.00am


    Please ensure that your child is correctly dressed for school next year.

    • Please ensure that your child returns to school next year with their own natural coloured hair in a neat style. 
    • Our school tracksuit forms part of our winter uniform and tracksuit pants may not be worn without the tracksuit top.
    • Official Lilyfontein socks must be worn with ‘mid-week’ uniform.
    • Only predominantly white tackies with a navy trim are allowed.
    • Any contravention of our dress code will mean a parent being asked to return to school to correct the dress or hair fault.

    Please note that individual music lessons (piano/guitar/recorder) will start on Monday, 14 January.  If your child is starting recorder / guitar lessons, please ensure that they have the instrument and files as requested.

    Applications need to be early in the new year.  Forms are available from the front office and must include a Scholastic Assessment not older than 3 years.  Please note learners need to re-apply for each phase.

    PRE PRIMARY: Term 1 Newsletter 
    Click here

    SPORT:Starts Monday 14 January 2019

    Please note that all summer sport and extra murals start next week Monday 14 January. All learners are required to sign up for a minimum of 2 days of school sport a week. Please wear the correct sport uniform and ensure you are at practice on time. Refer to sports/extra mural timetables on the D6. High School will sign up for sport on Wednesday with the Sports Department.

    SWIMMING CAPS: Available at the School Shop


    Yours faithfully
    MR N ELS

    ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITIES:Get your brand or business seen!
    Click on the links below to see what is on offer at Lilyfontein.  
    Sponsored Advertising Boards at Lilyfontein School
    Lilyfontein School Newsletter and Website Advertising Opportunities

    To advertise here please contact the school: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    First Day back and Lilyfontein school is a buzz of love and laughter.  New friends and old friends and everyone is happy!  WELCOME BACK EVERYONE!
    Sir Ken Robinson makes an entertaining and profoundly moving case for creating an education system that nurtures (rather than undermines) creativity.

    click here

    Do schools kill creativity?
    - Sir Ken Robinson


    • Leaders Induction(Junior & Senior)
    • 1st/u/15 Cricket vs Northern Region(TBC)
    • 1st & U/15 Cricket vs N. Region(TBC)
    • Gr 4 Adventure Day
    • HS Control Test Series start
    • Algie Cup 1st Cricket vs Stirling(A)
    • 1st Cricket vs Stirling(H)
    • Gr 8 Orientation Camp
    • Drummies Cake Sale
    • 1st & U/15 Cricket vs United(TBC)
    • B-League Swimming Gala at Hudson
    • Gr. 11 Adventure Day
    • 1st Cricket vs Hudson Park(H)
    • Rendezvous Gr. 3 Sleepover 
    • Blood Clinic
    • Gr 11 Cake Sale
    • SGB/SMT Workshop
    • 1st & U/15 Cricket vs Stirling(TBC)
    • 1st Cricket vs Grens(H)
    • Gr 9 Adventure Day
    • Tomato Trot Registration
    • Tomato Trot

    FP = Foundation Phase
    IP = Intermediate Phase
    HS = High School
  • Term 3

    Welcome back after a lovely winter holiday. Please see below our pre-primary planner for the term. Please diarise these important dates and take note of weekly themes.


    Fri 27 Jul - Pre-primary Cake Sale
    Fri 03 Aug - Pyjama Day ( children wear pj’s to school)
    Thu 09 Aug - Women’s Day
    Fri 10 Aug - School Holiday
    Fri 17 Aug - (TBC) Wild life Outing
    Mon 27 Aug - Concert photographs taken during school hours
    Wed 29 Aug - Dress rehearsal during school hours
    Thu 30 Aug - Concert night
    Fri 7 Sep - Spring Celebration
    Mon 24 Sep - Heritage Day
    Tue 25 Sep - Traditional food tasting and braai
    Fri 28 Sep - School closes @ 10:15


    17 – 20 July Reptiles and Dinosaurs
    23 – 27 July Reptiles and Dinosaurs
    30 – 03 August Winter
    06 – 10 August Wild animals
    13 – 17 August Wild animals
    20 – 24 August Birds
    27 – 31 August Concert Week
    03 – 07 September Spring & Plants
    10 – 14 September Experiments and Constructions
    17 – 21 September Creepy crawlies (insects and spiders)
    24 – 28 September My Town & South Africa

    "At the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy, and your eyes sparkling."


    • School opens at 7:20
    • Gr R’s start at 7:30 and Gr 0 at 7:45
    • Always pack a change of clothes for your child
    • School attendance on a Wednesday is very important due to concert practice

    Kind regards,
    The Pre-primary Team