Eco School

Diamond decade awardLilyfontein joined the WESSA eco-schools programme in 2006.  Each year the school chooses a theme and develops an associated action project.  Eco-lessons linked to that theme are presented by the teachers, evidence of which is used to compile the portfolio for the year. 

Some of the action projects over the years have included; starting the permaculture garden, labelling indigenous trees on the school grounds, water saving projects, community outreach programmes, recycled art projects, eco-brick collection and most recently establishing our recycling centre in 2017. The latter won second place in collection at the East London Business and Commerce Awards.

Our eco ethos and projects serve to create an environmental awareness and respect in our learners that spills over into their daily lives and shapes eco-ambassadors for the future.

For more on the WESSA Eco-Schools programme navigate to the WESSA website

Eco Brick Classroom

ECOLearners are collecting 2ltr cool drink bottles and filling them with non-recyclable plastics to create Eco Bricks. These bricks are then being used to build the walls of the Eco-Classroom next to the permaculture Garden

We Care About Our Environment

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