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Music is an integral part of Lilyfontein life and involves learners from Grade R right through to Grade 12 in a variety of forms.

Music lessons take place from Grade R- Grade 3 and learners sing, play marimbas and other percussion instruments appropriate to their age group.

Grade 3 learners thinking of individual music can join a recorder group to learn basic notation and fingering. From Grade 4 upwards individual tuition is offered in piano and recorder by the staff and an outside teacher gives guitar lessons. This programme is much in demand! Individual vocal tuition is given to selected learners from Grade 6 upwards.

There is a Foundation Phase Marimba Band, a number of Intermediate Phase Marimba Bands and a High School Marimba Band. There are also Intermediate Phase and High School Steel Drum Bands. These are very popular and only limited by the number of instruments available!

There are both Foundation Phase and Intermediate Choirs which are growing in size and experience.

Lilyfontein also takes an active part in the musical life of East London schools, participating in the Port Rex Lions' Eisteddfod and in the annual ELSMA Festival. We provide performance opportunities for all the various groups at school functions and at a selection of special events. There is an annual Guitar Tea concert, a Piano and Vocal evening, and a new tradition of a Carol concert involving much of the Music Department, including teachers, at the end of the year.


Debating was reintroduced as part of Culture in 2016. We have a very enthusiastic senior team who started as juniors and who have acquitted themselves really well. We also have a junior team. Both teams take part in the Border League (part of World School’s Debating) which takes place every Wednesday at participating schools. Each school has an opportunity to host 4 debates during the course of the League.

This discipline is extremely rewarding, but it entails much research, discussion, working on speeches and delivering the speeches with confidence. Debating is a disciplined form of argument where the three speakers have to convince the Adjudicators and the opposing team, even if you do not believe the topic, that your argument is correct. In each debate speakers have the opportunity to be made Best Speaker.

Learners also have the opportunity to become Adjudicators (judges) after attending a workshop after which they adjudicate a debate. They are awarded certificates if they pass and have much practise each week as they adjudicate other school debates.


pic of week Santam artLilyfontein has a vibrant art department that has developed exponentially over recent years.   The school participates eisteddfods as well as international competitions and initiatives. 

Art clubs are run from grade 1 to matric providing a space for artistic development and creative projects. 

A collaborative art project forms part of our founders day festivities each year where we merge our eco and art ethos with "recycled" art murals and sculptures.

We're Creative

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