Lilyfontein hosted a very special farewell assembly on the 12th February for two very special staff members that served their school for many years. Today we celebrated the contribution of Mrs Cheryl Jacoby (started teaching in 1999) and Mrs Val Wood (started teaching in 2004). With so many years of service behind them it was no wonder that they impacted across many spheres of the school, most notably in, Debating, Interact, Library, English, Eco, Equestrian, Geography and the wonderful grade 11 camps to Nieu-Bethesda. We thank them for their overwhelming contribution and passion for the Lynx and appreciate all they have achieved.  We trust they will enjoy their golden years.

Testimonials from our Facebook Page

Sheree Buchholz Legends from our years back in high school… you touched so many lives. From the stories from Mrs Wood to the life lessons from Mrs Holbrook (back then)… we will never forget you 💜

Patti Hansen Mrs Wood was my daughters Favourite teacher as well as her Matric class teacher 12 years ago. All the best for ur retirement u deserve the rest. Thank u for being such a beautiful person 🌹🌹🌹

Jordan Ansley Wow! Two very special Ladies at Lilyfontein School I’m very glad that I had the privilege of being taught by them. Thank You for Your service 

Dani Daniel Wow!!!! Legends we were blessed with the best.

Thandolwethu Mahola Aaaww you did a fantastic job with us and I pray that God blesses you with nothing but Health and happiness. You are indeed amazing!!

Amy-Jo Cooper Bezuidenhout Very special

Kiyra Rathbone Two incredible teachers. Thank you for being so passionate and encouraging 🌸🌸

Ashleigh Indigo Jooste Aaaw Mrs Wood and Mrs Jacoby. All the best for the future and for always being an inspiration. Mrs Wood you’re amazing!!!!

Courtney Crew Enjoy your time of rest, you both deserve it  may the Lord bless you with an amazing season of joy and peace 💐

Anne Scharneck Enjoy your retirement God bless

Bruce Viaene 2 amazing teachers, thank you for giving us your time

Gail Cornelius Gerber Awesome Val. Well deserved.

Adri Thetard Well done Cheryl!!!!

Nicolette Hill Very well done Val

Hazel Mangcu Thank you ladies for your dedication to education.

Jasmine Nair Congrates Mam

Gillian Dreyer These ladies are true heroes 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

Gillian Eslie Theron Congratulations. So glad you have been recognised for your awesome service