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Advertising Opportunities

Advertising Boards

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Companies or individuals may place advertising boards at the school in three different locations:

Location Dimensions in mm (w x h) Cost per annum
Road-side 2450 x 1225 R5 000
Sports Field 2450 x 1225 R2 500
Court-side       A 600 x 400 R1 500
                     B 1200 x 600 R3 000
                     C 1200 x 1200 R5 500

Locations of Advertising Boards


Weekly eNewsletter Advertising Opportunities

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The following options are available for promotion of your goods and services to over 600 individuals through our weekly eNewsletter and on the home page of our website :


These rates include design and layout. Content and proof of payment must be received before Wednesday of the week in which you would like to advertise. The school reserves the right to decline any advertising that it deems not to be appropriate for its newsletter.