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Tsitsikamma Hike: 2-8 December 2017

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Home News Lilyfontein Newsletter 3.2: 4 August 2017

Lilyfontein Newsletter 3.2: 4 August 2017

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4 August 2017

Dear Parents

Please take note of the following:

Term Planner: Term 3 2017
Please see term planner at this link

Congratulations to the following debaters who have been selected to represent Border in the Debating Provincials to be held at Selborne High School from the 1st – 3rd September:
- Iman Mciteka (Gr9)
- Daniel du Plessis (Gr9)
- Adon Parker (Gr9)
- Aiden Young (Gr9)
- Jordyn-Lee Makovinyi (Gr8)

Stutterheim Derby Day Programme : 5 August 2017
Please download the programme at this link

Grade 8-12 Weekly Assessment Timetable Term 3 2017
Please download the timetable at this link

Grade 7 Assessment timetable: Term 3 2017
Please download the timetable at this link

Adventure Race - 6 working days until Early Bird rate expires
The venue this year is amazing and will give participants access to previously unavailable routes in the Inkwenkwezi Private Game Reserve. Add to that, all the food, beverage and entertainment on offer at the Jikeleza Festival and you have a weekend of fitness,camaraderie and fun to look forward to! Maximum of 30 teams per category and race shirts for the first 450 entries so don't delay – enter TODAY!
More details at this link 

Advertise in the Annual Lynx Magazine
We are beginning to prepare the annual Lilyfontein School Magazine for 2017 and would like to offer you an opportunity to advertise. The magazine contains 196 full colour pages that document the year through a series of pictures and articles. It is printed on environmentally friendly paper, to reflect our EcoSchool ethos, and is perfectly bound to produce a quality magazine. The magazine will reach nearly 500 families. The cost for a standard advert is R400.00 - this gives you a business card with your contact details, your logo and 50-65 words to describe your business.
You could also use this opportunity to help promote your favourite charity and maybe help them raise funds.
Click on this link to see the standard layout and to make a booking

We wish Zothando Simon good luck as he travels to Potchefstroom to compete in the South African Korean Martial Arts National Championships.


Congratulations to Michaela Martin on achieving the following results at the SANESA Regionals held in Grahamstown.
- Working Riding Level 3 - 1st Place
- Performance Riding Level 7 - 2nd Place
- Dressage level 2 Novice 3 - 1st Place
- Dressage level 2 Novice 4 - 1st Place

Keira Davis participated in the – Greg Holl Show and achieved the following results:
Riding Riverview Pegusus – 90cm – Graded Classes
- Show jumping - graded pony rider – welcome stakes – 90cm – 1st place
- Show jumping - graded pony rider – championship – 90cm – 1st - overall champion
Equitation – 90cm - graded
- Equitation - 90cm test 4 intermediate – 1st place

Keira was awarded the following at the annual prize giving 2016-2017: Most promising pony rider for equitation and most promising rider for show jumping

- U9 vs Grens won 7-2
- U11 vs Clarendon Won 6-2
- U10 vs Clarendon lost 1-11
- vs St Annes lost 01 – 11
- vs Kuswag lost
- vs Kings College lost
- vs Grens lost
- vs de Vos Malan lost 3-16
- vs St Annes lost 9 – 22
- vs de Vos Malan lost 4-13
- vs De Vos Malan lost 08 – 16
- vs George Randell lost 12-10
- vs Beaconhurst won 21 – 06
- vs West Bank won 18-3

Girls Hockey
vs Cambridge
- U13A drew 1-1
- U13B lost 0-5
vs. Hudson Park
- U13A lost 1-2
- U13B lost 0-1
U11 vs Komga won 5-1

Boys Hockey
- U13 vs Komga lost 3-0

vs Central
- U11A won 27-7
- U13A drew 12-12


Yours faithfully

Lilyfontein School continues to grow - the foundations are being prepared
for the new art room

    PP Cake Sale

    Stutterheim Derby Day (A)
    Cross Country Border Championships at
        Stutterheim - All ages

    Hockey Boys U9 at AW Barnes (A)
    Netball U14 vs Gonubie (H)
    Netball U15 vs De Vos Malan (A)
    Hockey Girls U16 vs Hudson (H)
    Netball U9 vs Gonubie (A)
    Grade 4 Adventure Day
    Hockey Boys U13 vs Stirling (A)

2017/08/09    NATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY

    PS Rugby vs Voorpos (H)
    Netball U16 vs Gonubie (A)
    Netball U18vs Gonubie (H)
    HS Rugby vs Hudson

    Grade 0 outing to Mpongo Park
    Snr Leader Announcement
    Rugby U11/13 vs Burgersdorp (H)
    Netball U13 vs Burgersdorp (H)
    Adventure Cake Sale
    Cross Country EL District Champs at Berlin -
        All Ages
    Grade 2 Adventure Day

    Rugby U7/8 Festival  at Komga

    FP Maths Olympiad

    Grade 8P Adventure Day
    Netball U11 vs Merrifield (A)
    Hockey Boys U9 at Dale
    Netball U9 vs President (A)
    Hockey Boys U13 vs Pefferville at Buffalo
    Netball U14 vs West Bank (H)
    Netball U15 vs Stutterheim (H)
    ELSMA - SP Concert

    PS Rugby vs Beaconhurst (A)
    Hockey Girls U9 at Clarendon Prep
    HS Hockey vs Hudson (A) TBC
    HS Rugby vs Baysville (A)
    Hockey Girls U11 vs Cambridge (H)
    ELSMA - IP Concert
    Grade 8J Adventure Day
    Hockey Girls U13 vs Kingsridge (A)
    Computer Olympiad (Round 1)

    Netball U12 vs Kings College (H)
    Netball U13 vs Kings College (H)
    Netball U16 vs EL Academy (H)
    Netball U18 vs West Bank (A)

    Cross Country All Ages at Beaconhurst 
    Gr R Outing to Mpongo Park
    Snr Leadership Camp
    FP Cake Sale

    Cross Country BCM Mega District Champs -
        all ages

    Hockey Boys U10 vs Cambridge (A)
    Netball U14 vs EL Science (A)
    Netball U15A vs Gonubie (A)
    Hockey Girls 1st & 2nd vs Cambridge (A)
    Netball U10 vs Nahoon (A)
    Hockey Boys U13 vs Berlin (H)

    Hockey Girls U10 vs Cambridge (A)
    Hockey Girls U11 vs Merrifield (H)
    Hockey Girls U16 vs Cambridge (A)
    Cross Country at Buchule THS - all ages
    PS Rugby vs Nahoon (H)
    HS Hockey/Netball vs Merrifield (A)
    Hockey Girls U13 vs Clarendon (H)
    Netball vs  U18 vs Greenpoint (A)

    Netball U16 vs Stutterheim (A)
    Interact Induction Dinner
    Netball U13 vs Hudson (A)

    Library/Gr 10 Cake Sale

    7-a-Side Rugby/Netball Tournament (H)

FP = Foundation Phase
IP = Intermediate Phase
HS = High School