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Dear Parents
Welcome back after a lovely 2 week Easter Holiday.  I pray that you had a wonderful Easter and special family time.  It’s back with a bang for term 2 which holds many fun activities.  

Term 2 Themes

  • Autumn
  • Farms
  • Transport
  • Sports
  • Recycling
  • Occupations

Term Highlights

  • Friday, 5 May –Farm Outing
  • Monday (@ 8am), 8 May – Athletics Day
  • Friday, 19 May - Cake Sale
  • Monday - Friday, 5-9 June - Assessment Week
  • Friday, 9 June – School Photos
  • Thursday, 15 June – Father’s Day Games Day
  • Monday - Friday, 26-30 June Dress up and ‘speech’ week

School Outings


This term we will be visiting a farm.
We usually leave at 08:30 and we return by 11:30.  All parents are welcome to join on the outing.  Children don’t need to bring their bags.  They can just bring their packed lunch and water.

School Banking Account

  • FNB
  • Lilyfontein School
  • Branch 210221
  • A/C No. 52131716428
  • Cheque Account
  • Ref:  our child’s Surname and Class
Please note that this fee was due by 31 March 2017.

Waste Items we are collecting

  • Newspapers
  • Buttons
  • Ribbon

General Reminders

  • Put sunblock on your child before you leave home.
  • Pack in an extra set of clothing.
  • No more “sweety” Fridays.
  • Pay your outing fee.

Preprimary Outing to Beacon Bay Life Hospital: 21 Oct 2016

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The Pre-Primary will be visiting Beacon Bay Life Hospital on 21 October 2016. We will leave school at 09h00 and return by approximately 11h00.
We will be having our snack at school before we leave for the outing, therefore send your child's snack in their usual lunch box. Ensure that your child is wearing their school uniform and takkies.
I, __________________________, give permission for my child, _____________________________, to visit ________________________.
Unfortunately no parents may join for this outing, as the hospital has requested we keep the group as small as possible. All children will be transported on the school bus.

No children may be collected from the venue unless prior arrangement has been made with your child's teacher

The signing of this consent form is also an acknowledgement that you as parent/guardian have signed and understood the Lilyfontein Indemnity Document which is held on your child's file at school.

Clarissa Fisher
Pre-Primary Co-ordinator

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