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Dear Parents

Please take note of the following:

Term 4 Themes

  • Space
  • Water, ponds, water cycle and frogs
  • Ocean, sea and beach life
  • Celebrations
  • Christmas

Term Highlights

  • 20 October – Friday:  Pre-Primary Cake sale
  • 3 November – Friday: Rock Pool, Beach Outing
  • 21 November – Tuesday: Grade R Adventure day
  • 22 November – Wednesday: Gr 0 Adventure day
  • 1 December – Friday:  Grade R Graduation
  • 6 December – Wednesday: Christmas Party

General Reminders

  • Pack an extra set of clothing in your child's bag daily.
  • Apply sunblock before school and send your child with a hat.

Pre-Primary Christmas Party: 7 Dec 2016

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Our pre-primary Christmas Party will be on 7 December at the pre-primary. Father Christmas will be visiting and bringing presents for the good little boys and girls.


Time: approximately 08:00-10:00. 
Christmas Gift: Please send a book/puzzle wrapped and labelled with your child's name. NO TOYS may be sent as this creates a problem amongst the children. Please send your child's gift by no later than 18 November 2016.

Bring and Share Eats: Please bring a plate of eats to share and socialise with other parents and teachers.

Kind Regards
Clarissa Fisher
Pre-Primary Co-ordinator



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Dear Parents

It is concert time again. This year our concert is "A Starry Night". All the costumes are already provided barring the brides and grooms. Brides: to wear any pretty white or cream dress. Grooms: to wear smart black pants and a white shirt. All your child will need to provide is leggings and a top (only if stated alongside your child's character). If there is nothing indicated next to your child's character, you don't need to send any clothing. We will be sending home your child's costume have in a marked sealed packet. Please hand wash the costume and mend anything if need be. (Please do not alter them in any way.) Pack it back into the marked packet and send it to school by no later than Monday 14 November 2016.

Please ensure that you child is at school for all of the dates mentioned below:
28 NOVEMBER Concert Photos
29 NOVEMBER Dress Rehearsal
30 NOVEMBER Concert Night

Please ensure that your children wear underwear at all times during concert week.. We will be dressing and undressing them often during that week.

Clarissa Fisher
Pre-Primary Co-Ordinatior


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