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Dear Parents

Please take note of the following:

Term 4 Themes

  • Space
  • Water, ponds, water cycle and frogs
  • Ocean, sea and beach life
  • Celebrations
  • Christmas

Term Highlights

  • 20 October – Friday:  Pre-Primary Cake sale
  • 3 November – Friday: Rock Pool, Beach Outing
  • 21 November – Tuesday: Grade R Adventure day
  • 22 November – Wednesday: Gr 0 Adventure day
  • 1 December – Friday:  Grade R Graduation
  • 6 December – Wednesday: Christmas Party

General Reminders

  • Pack an extra set of clothing in your child's bag daily.
  • Apply sunblock before school and send your child with a hat.

Pre-Primary Stationery Requirements 2015

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Compiled by: Clarissa Fisher

  • 1 x Hard Cover A5 Croxley 96 pg book
  • 1 x  Book Cover Weldyne A5 Pre-Cut Book Cover 
  • 3 x Plastic Env Carry folder A4 
  • 1 x  Glue Pritt Stick 40g Not purple PRITT 
  • 1 x  Mon Ami Retractable wax crayons 12's
  • 1 x  Jumbo kokies 12's
  • 1 x  Jumbo pastels 12's 
  • 2 x Perm Mark Peguin Bullet black 
  • 1 x  White board marker 

Play is crucial to a child's development but when should the learning start?

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Many of us look back on our Pre-Primary school years and remember all the games and the fun times playing during those "good old" days. For the majority of people these years were the happiest and filled with "playing".

What we didn't realise back then, is that all those games and fun activities we were busy with were carefully constructed and designed by curriculum requirements and the teachers to optimally encourage and promote growth and development. Learning through play is a crucial element of Early Childhood Development (ECD). Play is one of the best ways in which children learn - it is fundamental in their intellectual and physical growth and essential for their social and emotional development. It is through play that they learn about

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