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Dear Parents

We thank you for entrusting your child to us.  We shall, through application of teaching methods, endeavour to lay the foundation for your child's future learning experiences.  We will strive to help your child to develop physically, intellectually, socially, emotionally and spiritually.  However, regular reinforcement at home is critical to the development of your child.

SCHOOL TIMES 07:20 - 12:00

Teachers are only on duty from 07:20 in the morning.  The Pre-Primary gate needs to remain closed until a teacher comes on duty.  Please wait outside with your child until the gate opens at 07:20.  Please do not drop off and leave him/her unattended and assume the school or another parent will be the safe-keeper of your child.  School closes at 11:00 for the first week of school. Aftercare will be available from the first week and from 11:00.  From week 2, school will close at the normal time, 12:00.  We close early in the first week to allow the children to settle in.


Please note that all uniform requirements are available directly from Cranberry Clothing CC. Contact Person: Hannah Tito, Cell: 082 9441090, Address: 132 Beach Road, Nahoon, East London, 5201

Please note that uniforms are compulsory and are worn every Friday and on school outings.  You have until 28 February 2017 to purchase the above.  When children are wearing their uniform they need to wear predominantly white socks and takkies, no jewelry to be worn and hair needs to be tied up.


Please make a direct deposit of R150 no later than 31 March 2017.  Please use your child’s surname and class name as a reference.  Eg.  Surname Gr RF  (School Account, FNB, Lilyfontein School, Branch 210221, 
A/C No. 52131716428, Cheque Account). This amount covers the petrol and entry costs for all the outings for 2017. You will still receive an outing letter to be signed for each outing.  Remember to send a packed lunch on those days and parents are most welcome to join us.

There will be no outing in the 1st term.


  • Friday, 20 January - Cake Sale
  • Tuesday, 24 January - Parent information Evening
  • Saturday, 4 February – Red Baron Tomato Trot & Cycle
  • Monday-Friday, 6-10 March - Assessment Week
  • Friday, 31 March – Book dress up day


There is a 10 minute staff meeting held in the staffroom every morning.  All staff are requested to attend these meetings, however we will only be sending 1 Pre-Primary teacher. There will always be 3 Pre-Primary teachers on duty at the Pre-Primary from 07:20.  You are welcome to leave your child with any of the 3 teachers on duty, should your child’s teacher be on meeting duty.


Your child will need the following supplies this year:

  1. Stationery pack
  2. Box of tissues
  3. 2x Liquid soap
  4. 1 pack of wet wipes (grade 0)
  5. School bag with lunch

Tuesday, January 24, 6 P.M.

Pre-primary Assessment Week: 16-20 Nov 2015

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Dear Parents 


ASSESSMENT WEEK 16-20 November         

Although assessment is done continuously throughout the year, please note that this week will be assessment week.  Make sure that your child has a good breakfast and goes to bed on time.  Please send your child to school each day this week.  There is no need to tell your children about assessment week (we don’t want the children feeling nervous). There will be no ‘tests’, all assessments are informal and fun activities.


Clarissa Fisher
Pre-Primary Co-ordinator

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