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Pre-Primary outing to EL Museum: 13 Nov 2015

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The Pre-Primary would like to visit EL Museum on Friday, 13 November. We will leave school at 8h30 and return by approximately 11h30.

No suitcases are necessary. Please send a packed lunch and a boxed cool drink in a plastic bag clearly marked with your child's name (no lunch tins).

I, __________________________, give permission for my child, _____________________________, to visit ________________________.

All parents are welcome to join us for the morning.

I can / cannot help with supervision and transport on the outing.

Parent Signature: _______________________

NAME: _____________________. Able to Transport_________________.

If you are assisting with transportation please note that no children may be placed in front seats, children must be wearing seat belts at all times and no children may be on the back of a truck.

1 School bus will be used to transport children. We ask your assistance with transporting the remaining children.

Please note that if your child comes to the venue on the bus he/she must return to school on the bus. No children may be collected from the venue unless prior arrangement has been made with your child's teacher


The signing of this consent form is also an acknowledgement that you as parent/guardian have signed and understood the Lilyfontein Indemnity Document which is held on your child's file at school.


Clarissa Fisher
Pre-Primary Co-ordinator