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Pre-Primary : General News Feb 2015

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Please note the following important information:


Every morning there is a 10 minute staff meeting held in the staffroom.  All staff are requested to attend these meetings, however we will only be sending 1 pre-primary teacher as our children need to be supervised at all times.  These meetings enhance the effective running of the school where only important issues for that day get discussed.  There will always be 3 pre-primary teachers on duty at the pre-primary from 07:20.  You are welcome to leave your child with any of the 3 teachers on duty.


Please send your child to school every day. Try to avoid keeping your child at home for no valid reason.  Obviously if your child is ill, it is better to keep them at home to avoid spreading germs.  We would like to make parents aware of the importance of sending your child to school every day.  We assess daily and continuously, especially in Grade R. We now have 4 reports to compile each year and daily attendance of school is vital.


Please be reminded of the following which is stated in our brochure:

  • Send healthy lunches to school.  Sweet treats are only permitted on Fridays.  Be wise when choosing juices that you pack in.  Refrain from sending boxed juices and sweet drinks.  We would like to encourage that you send water instead of juice.  When packing your Friday lunch box remember to also pack in a healthy snack and a reasonable size treat. 
  • Friday Cake Sales:  We did a trial run allowing our Pre-Primary children to attend cake sales every Friday from the 4th term in 2014.  We have come to a decision that we will no longer allow this. We have found there are not always sufficient treats on sale and even times where there was no food available.  This would leave some children with no healthy food and only treats. However Pre-Primary children are still able to bring money for the Pre-Primary cake sales.
  • Summer:  We are going to be having some very hot days coming up. Please remember to apply sun block on your child at home before school.  You are most welcome to send your child with a hat as well.

Your co-operation is greatly appreciated. 

Kind Regards

Clarissa Fisher
Pre-Primary Co-Ordinator