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Pre-Primary Cake Sale: 19 May 2017

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Cup_CakeA pre-primary cake sale is held once a term.  The funds raised are used specifically for the pre-primary. Send any goodie from the list, on the morning of the cake sale.

We are always in need of some volunteers to help sell - your assistance will be apreciated. The pre-primary children get to purchase from the pre-primary cake sales only. 

Please send R10 in a marked money bag or envelope.  If your child will be purchasing a hot dog, send R15

Please indicate what you are able to bring and how many of each item. 

12 Hot Dog rolls (cut and buttered) and 12 Vienna’s _________

6 Cheese and bacon rolls (already prepared at home please) _______ 

Cake squares_________          Chips                     __________

Cup cakes    _________           Cool drink              __________

Donation      _________           Popcorn                 __________

Crunchies_________               Any other    ______________

Able to assist on Friday morning

Parent name:   _______________________________

(app. 8:00-11:00 or when you drop your child off at school.)