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Lilyfontein Primary was taken over by the Cape Education Department in 1905, and operated as a Primary Farm School for 96 years.  In 2001, the SGB and School Management decided to introduce a High School Curriculum with the introduction of Grade 8 & 9 in the same year.

Middlecourt Farm was purchased within a trust and the High School buildings have been developed on this farm which actually surrounds the Department of Education section of our school.  In this time the SGB and parent body have built 12 classes, a large mulit-purpose hall, an Art room, an Adventure Centre, fully equipped Hospitality classroom, boys and girls toilets, built 3 new netball fields, pushed two rugby/cricket fields on our private land.  Additional to this on state land, it has built three Foundation Phase classes, revamped the old Principal's house into a fully fledged pre-primary, built two new Grade R clases, revamped the old Hall into 2 Grade 1 classes, resurfaced tennis courts, rewired tennis courts.  We have also put in a recycling plant through which all our grey water passes.  All of this has been at our SGB expense - not one cent has been given to us by the Department of Education.  The Department of Education, however, only pays for 25% of our staff salaries.

Due to demand, the SGB agreed to introduce two classes per grade as from 2008.  This began with two Grade R's and two Grade 1's in 2008.  In 2009 we introduced two Grade 2 classes this will continue until 2019.  This plan will include toilets in each case.

Future Plans

In order to accommodate this move, the SGB and SMT have a 10 year Master Plan that includes a plan A, plan B and plan C depending on the financial climate of the time.  A master plan is never set in concrete, but rather a dynamic plan that may well alter with circumstances as time plays out.

This plan includes a water plan for drinking water, water for showers and basins and recycling of grey water (we do not have the luxury of muncipal water).  All new blocks of classes will include toilet and drinking facilities.  The new hall will have changing rooms, showers and toilets; available to the playing field.  We envisage eventually the area behind the hostel being the site for another field, tennis courts, squash courts, swimming pool, new Adventure department locaton, and other facilites to parallel our growth; the availability of staff and equipment no doubt will be ongoing consideration to parallel and add value to our growth eg. we are awaiting a second combo marimba for use in class music and bands.  As a matter of course this growth will encompass a continuous appointment of teaching and admin staff to cope with the new teaching and coaching demands.