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School Governing Body 2015-2018

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Lilyfontein school is governed by a School Governing Body (SGB) which consists of 17 elected members: the principal, 9 parents, 3 educators, 1 non –educator staff member and 3 High School learners. Each representative will hold a portfolio that will serve the needs of the school.

A letter from your new SGB Committee (20 May 2015)

The current committee is:

The non-parent component consists of:

  • Mr Nic Els (Acting Principal & Educator)
  • Alison Fouche (Educator)
  • Mrs Julia Nass (Educator)
  • Mrs Sharon Allan - Secretary (non-educator staff member)
  • Robyn Fenn (High School RCL Rep)
  • Xanti Mbulwana (High School RCL Rep)
  • Christene Molnar (High School RCL Rep)

The Nine parents elected as the parent component of the SGB are:

Profiles of each of your Parent representatives:

Anne-Lise –Bollaert-Davies

I am married to Colin Davies, Chairman of Middlecourt Trust, and mom to Christine & Michaela, both currently in Foundation Phase at Lilyfontein.

My background is in development planning and local economic development. I run a small consultancy wherein I collaborate with other experts on a wide variety of government strategies. I also facilitate and present in various workshops, which range in theme from strategic planning to employee wellness. In addition, I am a Board member of the Small Projects Foundation and am becoming increasingly passionate about helping women grow beyond their perceived boundaries, both in their personal and work environments.

We came to Lilyfontein in 2011 because I was excited to be a part of a school which seemed to offer so much more than the standard “garden variety” school. I have remained excited and become increasingly involved because I have experienced the passion that the educators, staff and parents have for this amazing educational facility. I look forward to being part of an SGB which is dynamic and makes a meaningful impact on the generations to come.  



Anneliese Burgess

I am a communications advisor and media strategist working with clients in both the public and private sector. Prior to this I was an investigative journalist. As the executive producer of SABC’s Special Assignment programme for almost a decade, I made many a foray into this province to "uncover and expose” various issues, but am delighted that this time around, I’m back on a more constructive mission.  Sidney and I (along with our Gr4 daughter, Ilke) moved to East London from Cape Town two years ago to work on a project at the Department of Education in Bhisho. Having visited many schools in the province as part of this job, I became painfully aware of how lucky we were to have found Lilyfontein for our child. I also grew up in the Eastern Cape and am grateful that my parents allowed me to attend our little local school in Indwe, instead of sending me away to a big city boarding school. I feel privileged to be able to give Ilke a similar school environment in which to learn and grow. Lilyfontein was one of the main reasons we decided to stay on here when the EC project ended and I am hoping that by becoming involved in the SGB, I can make a contribution to the further development of this very special school.

Roak Crew

For the past 10 years I have been the Managing Director of the Agrarian Research and Development Agency (ARDA) which is a Government owned entity focusing on the establishment of Bio-Fuels as a renewable energy source and economic development tool in the Eastern Cape. As part of a process to rationalize government entities, ARDA is currently being integrated with it's holding company, the Eastern Cape Rural Development Agency, where I will be assuming the role of Executive Manager responsible for Renewable Energy. This is a dynamic, fast moving area of development where we are working towards creating the right legislative environment, establishing viable self-sustaining Renewable Energy Enterprises and promoting acceptance of replacing traditional energy sources with renewable energy amongst the general public.

I am married to Karin who is a Radiographer and we have 2 children. Courtney in Grade 11 and Nathan in Grade 9, both of whom are loving the unique experience offered by Lilyfontein. Karin and I have served on various SGB's and PTA's during our children's school careers and I see this as an opportunity to give a little back to an institution who we believe will provide our children with a well rounded education which will stand them in good stead in the years ahead.


Gerna Jordaan

I have my own interior decorating firm. I studied Drama at Pro Arte in Pretoria and later Communications and Political Science through UNISA. For the past 13 years I've been self employed. For the past 16 years I've been my husband's loving, loyal, devoted trophy wife.

Through my three kids attending Lilyfontein School, I've had the privilege to be associated with the school for the past 7 years. The past 6 of which I've been a member of the school's PTA. I helped organize a variety of events on behalf of the PTA and am confident that this experience will stand me in good stead on the SGB.

I have a tireless supply of passion, compassion, commitment and drive. I might ruffle a few feathers in the process, but you can always count on me to get the job done. I don't count patience as one of my virtues.

I am extremely excited to "sit skouer aan die wiel" with the rest of the members of the SGB. I will "Servamus" the living daylights out as my humble contribution to Lilyfontein School.

Lee Mellin

I am currently employed at Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality as a Programme Manager/engineer in the Transport Planning department. This involves managing the City's Integrated Transport Plan (including public transport planning, arterial road planning, non-motorised transport planning, travel demand management, freight transport planning and traffic safety) which forms an integral part of the City's Integrated Development Plan. The skills required to do this include allocating budgets and reporting on budgets, source funding , procure consultant and contractor services, deal with staff/union issues, hold stakeholder meetings and deal with the technical issues of transport planning.

Prior to being employed at BCMM I worked for consulting engineering firms both in South Africa and England where I was involved in similar types of projects in the transport and traffic engineering field.

I feel that my work experience in the planning and implementation of projects as well as my practical ability can be used to assist Lilyfontein School in future when planning and implementing infrastructure projects and general routine maintenance issues.



Dr. Jennifer Nash

I am married to Stephen, who is an engineer. We have two daughters Anya and Kirsten, who are keen horse riders. I'm a doctor (Specialist Family Physician) who works in the primary health care clinics in the Great Kei area. I have been on the SGB since 2009, being involved in the planning portfolio and then more recently the tuckshop portfolio. On the SGB, it's a huge privilege to work alongside the Lilyfontein staff, who are so committed to the pupils, and so creative in their teaching approaches. It is also amazing working with committed parents, who want excellence for their children.

Sean Price

Sean Price married to Lynne we are Chintsa Locals working mainly in the tourism sector. I am a past Lilyfontein pupil, my daughter and niece are in grade 4 at the school. When our children started at Lilyfontein we noted the dedication of parents, teachers and general staff, this commitment I believe has become the essential ingredient of this great school.

Serving on the SGB will be new to me and I hope to contribute in a positive way to the future development of the school.



Dr. Simon Reeves

I have been a dentist for 18 years and a Daddy for 10. Having worked in the UK for 9 years and Cape Town for 6, my family and I moved to East London 3 years ago. I work at a practice in Beacon Bay. I am married to Karin, she is an occupational therapist, and I have 2 children at Lilyfontein, Catherine in Gr 4 and James in Gr 1. Both children are now in their 4th year at the school and they love it! I have always been passionate about training and teaching and have lectured extensively around the country, with a focus on staff training and empowerment through improved skills.

Karin and I feel that Lilyfontein School is the ideal place for our children to receive their education in a safe, friendly and rural environment and I look forward to serving my children, your children and all the parents and teachers over the next 3 years.