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PRESENTATION: The Legal, Disciplinary and Reputational Risks of Social Media: 28 June

FREE PRESENTATION: The Legal, Disciplinary and Reputational Risks of Social...


Lilyfontein Adventure Race 2017

Hello Adventurers - ENTRIES ARE OPEN! Get your takkies out and dust off ...

Lilyfontein Newsletter 2.9: 23 June 2017

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23 June 2017

Dear Parents

Please take note of the following:

School Times
Parents please note that next week is a normal school academic week. Week 1 on the timetable will be followed. Please take note of our times:
Monday, 26 June to Thursday, 29 June : School will end at 14:10 and buses will leave at 14:20.
Friday, 30 June : School will end at 10:30 and buses will leave at 11:00.
Measles Outbreak
After the recent outbreak of measles in the Western Cape, the DOH has launched a measles campaign for children aged 6 months to 59 months. Parents are encouraged to have this inoculation done, free of charge, at your local clinic until 30 June, should you not have done so already.
Grades 1 – 7: These reports will be sent home with your child/ren on Friday, 30 June.
Grades 8 – 12: Parents are to collect these reports between 10:30 and 11:00 on Friday, 30 June, in the Art Room. Please note that should you be unable to collect your child’s report, an adult is to be sent with a letter of permission from yourself to collect the report.
Thank you for your support in this matter.
D6 - Choose your channels
Specific communication channels have been created on the D6 Communicator to ensure that you only receive information that is relevant to you and your child/ren. Please ensure that you have selected the correct channels under the 'personalise' tab on the left of the D6 application on your desktop or click on the three lines on the top left of the application on your cell phone and scroll down to 'personalise'.
All communication from the beginning of term 3 will be sent via the communication channels and NOT TO EVERYONE.
We look forward to your support in this streamlining of our communications with you.
If you do not have D6 communicator, please see the link below for how to join.
FREE PRESENTATION: Promoting Safety on Social Media: 28 June
All parents and grade 7-12 learners are encouraged to join us on Wednesday, 28 June at 6pm in the hall. Social Media Law expert,
Emma Sadleir, will address the legal, disciplinary and reputational risks of social media.
She will discuss:
• the social media landscape in South Africa;
• the legal considerations of using social media, including defamation, privacy, hate speech, intellectual property; cyberbullying and harassment;
• sexting and pornography offences;
• the disciplinary consequences of using social media (can you be expelled from school?);
• personal reputation management on social media (can your online content compromise potential scholarships, admission to university and future employment?); and
• online safety.
Please complete the attached reply slip and return by Monday 26 June
Adventure Race Entries are OPEN
Book your team into the Lilyfontein Adventure Race 1-2 September at Inkwenkwezi Private Game Reserve. Categories for Corporate, Corporate Duo (2 people), Corporate Crocs, Corporate Crocs Duo (2 people), Family/Fun, U19, U15, U13, Grade 4 and 5 and Grade 1-3. Each four member team must include at least one member of the opposite gender. Teams will be running, cyclng and completing various adventure based challenges along the routes. Maximum of 30 teams per category and race shirts for the first 450 entries so don't delay - enter TODAY!
More details at this link.

Interact Charity Sleepover: 29 June
The Interact group will be hosting a Charity School Sleepout on Thursday, 29 June. Learners from Grade 8-12 are invited to sleep outdoors on our school grounds to raise awareness of the plight of the homeless and those less fortunate than themselves. In order to participate, learners are required to bring items for the people living in the Langham House home for the aged. The Home is situated in Fleet Street in the Quigney and cares for 74 senior citizens over the age of 60. The details of what they need, what learners can and cannot bring and the reply slip are at the link below. Please reply latest Monday, 26 June for catering purposes.
Looking forward to your support of this worthwhile initiative.
Please complete the attached reply slip and return by Monday 26 June
Grade 7 Intro to High School Day: 29 June 2017
All Grade 7's will be experiencing a day in High School on Thursday, 29 June. Parents are invited to join us for the last lesson at 13:15 in the School Hall. An invitation has been sent home with a reply slip. Please complete the reply slip and return it to school by Monday 26 latest.
The adventure continues here!
Please take note that recycling starts again on Monday 26 June.


Two Lilyfontein 1st XV rugby players selected for Border Academy Side
Congratulations to Tyler Blom and Ryan Kruger on being selected for the Border Academy XV team that will be playing in the Bondedag at Loftus Versveld on 1 July.
Congratulations to Tara Rutherford who has been selected to participate in the Inter-Provincial Championship Tournament being held in Richmond, Natal during the holiday

u9 vs Nahoon won 3-2

Yours faithfully

Grade 8-11 enjoy a post-exam adventure day. Here a group carryies a member of the team on a raft/chariot they constructed to cross the field and dam

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  Country Club

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  Grade 9 Adventure Day
  Netball U9 vs Hudson (A)
  Netball U10 vs Masakhe (H)

  Social Media Lawyer Emma Sadleir  
  Presentation All Parents &  Gr 8-12's

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  Parent Academic Interviews (High School)

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  Hockey Girls U11 vs Komga (A)
  Hockey Girls U13 vs Hudson (A)

  Netball U12 vs De Vos Malan (H)
  Netball U13 vs De Vos Malan (H)

  FP Cake Sale

  Stutterheim Derby Day (A)
  Cross Country Border Championships at
  Stutterheim - All ages

FP = Foundation Phase
IP = Intermediate Phase
HS = High School

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