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Lilyfontein Newsletter 2.10: 30 June 2017

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30 June 2017

Dear Parents

Please take note of the following:

School Holidays
School will close for the 2nd term on Friday, 30 June and re-open for 3rd term on Monday, 24 July 2017.
High School Academic Interviews
Grade 8 – 12 Academic interviews have been scheduled for Tuesday, 25 July between 5.30 and 7.00 pm (day scholars). Interviews for hostel learners will be held by appointment only on Friday, 28 July 2017. Kindly advise the front office should you wish to arrange an appointment on the Friday. Please make use of this opportunity to discuss your child’s progress with the relevant staff.
Academics : Ensuring Sound Foundations for Learning
A reminder to all parents of the importance of taking time to discuss with your children, be they pre-teen or teenagers, the quality of their performance this term. Helping your children take responsibility for their own learning by carrying out your primary teaching role will most probably be the most significant thing you will ever do for your child. This primary role is about teaching, modelling and reinforcing study time, sound routine, time management, times for working, playing or reading at home. Now is the time to assess your results against the real effort you put into your preparation. Time poorly used is time gone…forever!
Subject Changes - Grade 10
The grade 10 subject changes need to be submitted to the Department early next term. An application consists of:
• A letter from the learner explaining the reason for changing subjects.
• A letter from the parent indicating that they are aware of the change and that they support the decision.
A Grade 10 learner may change a maximum of two subjects.
Please forward the necessary letters to the school by Friday, 28 July.
Extra Murals
Please note that extra murals for the 3rd term will start on Monday, 24 July 2017 and buses will therefore run as follows: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 16:00 and Fridays at 14:20.
Hair Check
Please be advised that this will take place on the first day of the new term. Please note that we have a three week long holiday and therefore plenty of time for your child/ren to have their hair cut. In the case of boys, sideburns must be trimmed and they must be clean shaven. Please also note that no tinted or coloured hair is permitted. The parents of any learner not complying with our Code of Conduct will be telephoned on the first day back, to collect their child and rectify this problem.
TV Viewing and Cellphone Usage / Parental Responsibility
School holidays can easily become a justified TV/computer games session. Limit, monitor or co-view with your children. Be aware of your childrens’ use of cell phones. Studies are showing clearly the increased psychiatric problems in children as a result of the misuse of these technologies! Adults need to take back control.
Principal's Awards for Academic Performance
Congratulations to the High School learners who have achieved an academic average of over 70% and to those that have significantly improved their academic performance - they have all been awarded the Principal's Award.
Please click on the link below to see the list of learners recognised:
ELFEST Art Exhibition : Primary School
We apologise for omitting the following result from our newsletter last week:
Erin Flavio - Silver Award
D6 - Choose your channels
Specific communication channels have been created on the D6 Communicator to ensure that you only receive information that is
relevant to you and your child/ren.
Please ensure that you have selected the correct channels under the 'personalise' tab on the left of the D6 application on your desktop or click on the three lines on the top left of the application on your cell phone and scroll down to 'personalise'.
All communication from the beginning of term 3 will be sent via the communication channels and NOT TO EVERYONE.
We look forward to your support in this streamlining of our communications with you.
If you do not have D6 communicator, please see the link below for how to join.
Adventure Race Entries are OPEN
Book your team into the Lilyfontein Adventure Race 1-2 September at Inkwenkwezi Private Game Reserve. Categories for Corporate, Corporate Duo (2 people), Corporate Crocs, Corporate Crocs Duo (2 people), Family/Fun, U19, U15, U13, Grade 4 and 5 and Grade 1-3. Each four member team must include at least one member of the opposite gender. Teams will be running, cyclng and completing various adventure based challenges along the routes. Maximum of 30 teams per category and race shirts for the first 450 entries so don't delay - enter TODAY!
More details at this link.

vs Grens
- u9A won 28-07
- u11B lost 00-50
- u11A won 19-00
- u13A lost 00-50

- u13 girls vs Stutterheim Lost

Cross Country
Congratulations to the following learners on the results achieved at the Cross Country competition at Beacon Bay Club:
u8 - Crystal Kruger 2nd
u9 - Catherine Kriel 1st
u11 - Kyan Lugg 2nd
u14 - Kirsten Nash 2nd
u15 - Anya Nash 2nd

Mountain Biking
Congratulations to the following learners on their placings at the Henderson Valley MTB race and trail run held on Saturday, 24 June:
- 40 km Mountain Bike Race - 1st Zachary Swart
- 19 km Mountain Bike Race - 1st Sabro Atakligan, 2nd Matthew Niemand, 6th Teo Bosazzo, 8th Jack Haymann
- 11 km Trail Run - 1st Ludwig Bremer, 8th Anagret Swart

Yours faithfully

Grade 3's with their eco-bricks. These plastic filled, plastic bottles will be used to build the walls of our new Eco-Classroom

  HS Drakensberg Hike
  Netball U9 vs Kidds Beach (H)


  Parent Academic Interviews (High School)

  Hockey Girls U9 at Stirling
  Hockey Girls U11 at Buffalo Flats
  Hockey Girls U13 vs Cambridge (A)
  Grade 11 Adventure Day

  Netball U12 vs St Anne's (A)
  Netball U13 vs St Anne's (A)

  Blood Drive
  High School Academic Interviews by  
  Grade 3 Adventure Day

  Cross Country at Baysville - All Ages
  Rugby U7 & U8 Festival vs Nahoon

  Netball U11 vs Clarendon (A)
  Hockey Boys U10 at Komga
  Netball U9 vs Grens (A)
  Netball U10 vs Clarendon (A)
  Hockey Boys U13 vs Komga (A)
  Grade 10 Camp

  PS Rugby vs Central (H)
  HS Hockey/Netball vs Cambridge (A)
  Hockey Girls U10 vs Crewe (A)
  Hockey Girls U11 vs Komga (A)
  Hockey Girls U13 vs Hudson (A)

  Netball U12 vs De Vos Malan (H)
  Netball U13 vs De Vos Malan (H)

  FP Cake Sale

  Stutterheim Derby Day (A)
  Cross Country Border Championships at
  Stutterheim - All ages

FP = Foundation Phase
IP = Intermediate Phase
HS = High School

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