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Lilyfontein Newsletter 1.1: 13 January 2017

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13 January 2017

Dear Parents
Congratulations Mr Els - Our new Principal
Mr Els has been in the teaching profession for 25 years. He joined Lilyfontein School in May 2006 as an Accounting Educator and was promoted from High School Co-ordinator to Deputy Head in August 2013. His prior experience and knowledge of the workings of the school ensure the continuity of the School’s ethos and value system into the future.
Chairman of the School Governing Body, Gerna Jordaan says, “Mr Els was the top applicant out of the 25 worthy candidates that went through the rigorous application process. If the hard work and dedication he has shown as Acting Principal are any indication, we are assured that we made a very good choice. We have a new Principal who is dedicated and committed and has the school’s best interests at heart."

Safety & Security
Please see the letter at this link
I would like to welcome each family to Lilyfontein School this year. A special word of welcome to our new families. I trust that your association with our school will be a happy one. In particular, I wish to welcome the following staff members: Ms Gaze (Gr. 0); Mr Hayes (Gr. 4); Ms Visser (Gr. 10); Mr Harding (Adventure) and Ms Buqa (Temporary Xhosa Teacher). We would also like to welcome the following student teachers who are with us on learnerships: Ms Neethling (Pre-Primary); Ms Angelbeck (Foundation Phase) and Ms Van Wyk (Intermediate Phase).
School Times
School starts each day at 07:30 for all Grades R – 12 pupils.
From next week, end of school times are as follows, Monday – Friday:

Grade 0 & Grade R - 12:00
Grade 1 – 12:00 until 20 January and 13:10 from 23 January 2017
Grade 2 & Grade 3 – 13:20
Grade 4 to Grade 12 - 14:10

Bus Times are as follows:

Mondays – Thursdays : 16:00
Fridays - 14:15 (For all pupils – Grade 0 – Grade 12)

Children not fetched by 16:30 will be sent up to the hostel (See Safety Regulations letter attached).

Inclement Weather Days
Please note that our buses will always run at the set times irrespective of inclement weather days. This is in order for the indoor activities to continue as normal.
2016 Matric Results
We are very proud of our class of 2016 whose results were as follows:
100% pass rate and 44 subject distinctions. Congratulations to them all! Particular mention must be made of Courtney Crew who achieved 7 distinctions!
Parent Involvement
At the start of this year, I appeal to all parents to involve themselves in the activities of the school. We need your help and support in all our fundraising ventures in order to maintain the high standard in our school to which our children have become accustomed and for which our school is renowned. Your involvement at school is critical to maintaining good relations and your contribution to the progress and development of our school is highly valued.
There are a range of activities throughout the year in which we would like to see you involved. You will receive a list of these shortly eg. Tomato Trot – 4 February.
Parent/School/Learner Co-Operation
In order for us as a learning institution to provide quality education, we would like to ensure that we manage a safe, healthy and focused context for our parents, educators and learners. We appeal to you as parents and primary educators of your children, to uphold our school’s Code of Conduct, Dress Code and academic expectations. In this way we can ensure a collaborative and co-operative learning experience for all our learners. Conflicting standards and levels of discipline between home and school are confusing and self-destructive. Let us ensure that we are all on the same educational page.
Drop-off Zone/Parking At Senior & Pre-Primary Zones
Please note that the Senior and Pre-Primary drop-off zones operate in a clockwise circular manner – 1 way in and 1 way out. Please also note that the turn at the Adventure Centre has a stop sign which must be adhered to at all times. The speed limit on our internal roads is 20kmph. We appreciate your co-operation in this regard.
Extra Mural Programmes
Please navigate to the appropriate extra mural programme at the following links:
Grade 1-3
Grade 4-12
Our Admission Policy expects that each child participates in at least one summer and one winter sport. All sport will begin on Monday, 16 January 2017. For more term information navigate to our website

Foundation Phase
Please take note of the following:
• Children dropped in Foundation Phase before 7:15 are unsupervised and may NOT use any playground apparatus until the teacher is on duty after 7:15.
• Foundation Phase learners remaining at school after 14:30 must be enrolled at Julie Ekron’s Aftercare; an aftercare fee will be charged.
• Foundation Phase learners must wait in Foundation Phase area. They may not leave the Foundation Phase area to wait for lifts or to wait with older siblings.

School Shop
Please note that our school shop is open Mondays to Thursdays 7.30 – 8.00.
There are a number of pupils who still do not have their stationery packs. Please ensure that you purchase these from Maclear Stationers as a matter of extreme urgency.
Term Planner
Unfortunately, we are still awaiting fixtures for our Term Planner. These will be sent out as soon as we receive them.
Prayer Group
All are welcome to join the Lilyfontein Prayer Group each Friday morning at 7.30 in the Hostel.
Vehicles / Motorbikes
Any students who bring vehicles/motorbikes onto campus need to ensure that:
* Permission and communication with the school has been done.
* The school has your licence number and vehicle registration numbers recorded.
* The school has a copy of your driver’s licence.
* You have been interviewed by Mr Els.
Please note that should your child be absent from school a letter is to be sent in to the office. Should your child be absent for 3 or more days in a row, a Doctor’s Certificate needs to be sent to school. Our computer programme automatically issues a demerit if your child’s name is entered as absent without a letter. Parents are requested to please support us in this matter. The DoE has ruled that any learner absent for 25% of the year, will not be allowed to write examinations due to the lack of class time.
ID Documents
The Department of Education has requested schools to ask parents to ensure that learners apply for ID documents as an ID document is essential for registration for external examinations at the end of Grade 11 and for Grade 12.
Tomato Trot : ENTRIES
The Red Baron Tomato Trot & Cycle is Lilyfontein School’s biggest fundraiser. As such we request EVERY SINGLE learner (grade 3-12; Grade 1& 2 are welcome) to take part in one event at the Tomato Trot & Cycle unless they are required to work (e.g. grade 12 leaders).Stand a chance to WIN R2500 towards the purchase of Dunlop tyres by entering online at www.roag.co.za, enter at Sportsman’s Warehouse or send a competed entry form and CASH in an envelope to school on 18 and 19 January. Early Bird Entries close on Sunday, 22 January. Late entries may be made on 3 and 4 Feb but late entry fees will apply. Every learner will bring an entry form home. Additional forms for friends and family can be collected from reception.

Tomato Trot : Luck Draw Prizes
If you are able to help with lucky draw prizes e.g.weekends away, meal/spa/cash vouchers, promotional gifts, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
Please join us to help maximize this fund raising opportunity for our school and our learners. We need over 100 volunteers on the day for registration, marshalling, water tables, food and beer tents, and entertainment. Your child should bring home a slip. If not, you can download it at the following link. PLEASE COMPLETE AND RETURN THIS REPLY SLIP BY MONDAY, 16 JANUARY 2017.
We will attempt to allocate jobs as soon as possible after the 18 January. Thank you in advance for your support.
MY SCHOOL Ongoing Fundraising
MY SCHOOL is a programme that donates a portion of your spending with specific shops to a cause of your choice AT NO COST TO YOU. We are asking ALL parents to get a MY SCHOOL card to help with fundraising for the school. Apply at this link or request a form from Jenny Rawstron at the school office. Check out more details and find participating stores at www.myschool.co.za

Make sure you Know What's Happening

The D6 School Communicator is an integrated communications solution that allows the school to communicate with parents using a variety of tools: mobile, desktop, email, sms and web. No matter where you are, if you’re on D6, we'll make sure you get the message. Download the D6 Communicator to your laptop, PC or Mobile Phone from this link.
If you experience problems, please contact D6 directly on 021 880 0185, or by email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Cricket : Congratulations to Gandhi Jafta on being chosen for the CSA U19 Girls Cricket Side. Well done!
Drummies : Congratulations to Sibulele Kentane on achieving SAMCA Colours for Majorettes.

Should you have any sports results for our newsletter, please ensure that you email these to Mr Sofute at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and a copy to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Thank you.
Yours faithfully

  Junior Leaders Induction
  Senior Leaders Induction

  Cricket 1st & U15 vs Western Region (H)      

   Grade 4 Adventure Day

   Grade 2 Sleepover

   Grade 2 Adventure Day

  Grade 8 Orientation Camp with Senior
  Interact Assembly

  Parent Information Evening - Grade 0-12
  B-League Gala at Beaconhurst
  Grade 5 Camp

  Visit to Canaan Care - Interact

  Adventure Cake Sale

FP = Foundation Phase
IP = Intermediate Phase
HS = High School
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